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Barbarossa On Gynocentrisms

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A profound and free-flowing observation by Barbarossa on various gynocentrisms…. with speculations on why male-created ships, airships, countries, cars, civilizations and even bombs might be named after (and dedicated to) females – especially considering women played virtually no direct role in their invention, conception or construction.

How is it possible that hundreds (or even thousands) of men would spend years building a “mother”-ship, and on the final day just before it’s “maiden” voyage, a woman is invited to crack a champagne bottle across it’s bow? Are we really to believe that years of back breaking male labour, engine construction, understanding and applying the physics of buoyancy are not enough to let a ship sail successfully…. and “she” will sink unless “she” makes the most minimal of contributions by smashing glass against it?

*Video by MGHOW vlogger “Barbarossa”. His series is outstanding and required. Subscribe to him on youtube.