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Terrence Popp on Halfway Hookers

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Always keeping it light and fun, Terrence Popp gives you the play-by-play on how to know if you woman is cheating. She’s female and that means even when she’s not cheating, she is working on cheating you out of it. This precise moment is usually when a female can be heard screaming from the back row: “OMG!! Guys cheat too!!”.

That’s right. But he’s the difference:

He’s never going to come home the next day, toss you a baby, and say: “here, this is yours”.

He will also PAY for his mistakes. But woman will expect to have multiple affairs in their marriages and still collect a payout – expecting a man to pay for HER mistakes. So unless she brings more to the table than you, keep your eyes peeled, remain calm, plan your exit, and act accordingly. Not exactly a MGTOW exclusive, but if you ever kicked yourself for not knowing what was really going on, crack open a cold one as Terrence breaks it down for you.