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How Women Look At Men

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A flawless execution about what’s never talked about, but clearly understood – worldwide. We even liked the song.

Of course, a counter-point can be made: “How is it any different from him just wanting to be with her, just because she’s hot?”… and there’s an answer to that too. The “difference” is the amount of effort and investment (in himself and her) a man will make just to get closer to her – just for the opportunity to talk to her. Never mind kissing her or taking her home. He would consider himself LUCKY to even be able to get her attention for a few seconds. Do you see women making the same effort? Do women work a year of their lives to save 2-3 months salary in after-tax savings just to KNEEL and ask for permission to love a man until death – using any number of outrageously creative and theatrical ways to do it?

Also interesting is the fact that the director deliberately showed the leading man’s co-worker as totally disinterested in her and completely un-phased by her looks. In one shot, he doesn’t even understand how his buddy can even look at her with such fascination. This is important, and done for a reason to clearly communicate that she isn’t just “hot” in this case…. she is in fact “special” to one man in particular: the guy she doesn’t even notice. However, with just one glance, she will disqualify and walk right past him…. while dating other men who do NOT regard her as “special”.

Any man can conduct this experiment for himself. Often all it takes is a crisp shirt, handsome shoes, a strapping haircut, one bold move and very little else. He doesn’t even need to shave. The reasons why he worked extra hard to finally afford the fancy car, are unnoticed. The horsepower, the performance, the extra-wide tires and excellent handling which all bring a smile to his face as he rewards himself for his character-building labour, are all totally meaningless to the female. The hood ornament, however, makes all the difference.

Where he previously thought he was LUCKY to get closer to this girl…. at the end, he is slapped in the face with the reality that he’s not actually “lucky” to know her after all. And she is no longer “special”. The most beautiful girl he ever laid his eyes on, is now completely ordinary…. and he realizes he was wrong to look at her this way in the first place.

It seems the co-worker – who was totally disinterested in her – had exactly the right idea, as he amused himself with a game on his phone. A man would be more rewarded to ignore women, and pursue other more meaningful things in life.

+1 to the population of MGTOW.