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Hypergamy Doesn’t Care

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Whether you occasionally practice game or not, being game aware will serve you well.

There’s a proper word for what you’ve always known existed, but couldn’t quite place your finger on. Your date, girlfriend or wife will notice you checking out other women and be the first to crucify you for it without hesitation. The prime s~~~ test to top them all. It will even be made public as you are guilted into admitting it, while being expected to apologize for being “so rude” and “insensitive to her feelings”. Movies and TV shows are written about this and the man is always vilified for it. Sometimes, major drama will ensue. She may even pretend to be so hurt and offended that you won’t be getting any sexy time for a day or three.

But why? After all, she checks out other women more than you do. When a woman enters a room, she doesn’t notice (or even care) about other men. Her radar immediately pings every female in her field of view who might be competition, and she sizes them up in an instant.

“Where did she get those shoes? That’s a terrible dress. I want that purse. I like her bracelet. Hideous lipstick. I love her nails, She must be a Libra….. (etc.)”

Every female that walks by, meets your gaze, or captures your glance is something she is guaranteed to notice and she will have no reservation about confronting and ruining a perfectly fine afternoon…. but do you notice and confront her every time she checks out the driver of a hot Ferarri that you pointed out? Perhaps you should. That’s “hypergamy” at work. And it’s her nature – like noticing a fine rack is in your nature.

So why should you be the only one vilified and called out on it?
Why should your roaming eyes be the only thing criticized and talked about?

Every man in an extremely hot car can “feel” women looking at him. The bored female passenger in her boyfriend’s Toyota or Honda at a red light doesn’t even see the Ferarri F70 next to her…. but she sees the gold crest with the cute black pony on it, and discretely creeps a peek at the eyes of the driver. You can feel it, can’t you? Rent an exotic for a weekend. The results may shock you.

The female who becomes agitated and pretends to be bothered by the male gaze is very busily deflecting and distracting your attention away from a much darker and significant point she would strongly prefer you were not aware of – and would rather not discuss: her own “hypergamy”. Her instinctual desire to discard her current mate with no feeling or remorse when the opportunity arises to latch onto a subsequent mate of higher status due to the hindbrain impetus to find a male with the best ability to provide for HER OWN offspring (already spawned or yet-to-be spawned) regardless of investments and commitments made to her current mate.


She is hardwired for this. By nature. The last 4 years don’t matter. Whether you paid admission for 4 to Disney World – when the kids weren’t even yours – won’t matter. That you funded her dubious flirtation with returning to school for a useless degree doesn’t matter. That you work 70 hours to earn 6 figures with marketable skills beyond knocking a ball around won’t matter. Even if you are obese and have the face to stop a clock, your $181 Million dollar lottery win makes all the difference. It doesn’t matter WHO you are… it only matters WHAT you are.

Hypergamy. Does. Not. Care.

As societal impediments (both economic and cultural) to the recession of binding monogamous relationships deteriorate, the validity of this theory is being rediscovered to the chagrin of men in the trenches and to the delight of the new social engineers up in the towers.

Hypergamy can make a woman forget anything. Humiliation. Morals. The emotional well-being of her children. Hypergamy is the reason Chris Brown performed at the Grammy’s to a massive crowd of hypergamous screaming chick fans shortly after it became public that he beat Rhianna. Then a woman writes: I’m not OK with Chris Brown performing at the Grammys. I’m not sure why you are.

You’re not? We are! It’s really simple, sweetheart. One word: Hypergamy.

And regular as clockwork, she shifts blame to a handful of “old white men in the music business”, but fails to acknowledge the reality of thousands of screaming female fanatics who trip over themselves to worship the money, power and fame… regardless of his totally unacceptable and criminal actions. Rampant Hypergamy will forgive and forget anything. Whatever makes the ‘gina tingle.

How can a woman be so oblivious to this? She is female after all. And yet she would prefer to behave as if Hypergamy doesn’t exist. Just ask Rhianna. It’s all right there in black and blue. Hypergamy permitted Vanessa Lopez (V-Lo?) to allow herself to get pregnant when she didn’t really want to be, and negotiate a lucrative agreement with Basketball star J.J. Reddick to have an abortion on the condition that he would remain “in a relationship” with her for at least one year. Hypergamy will even terminate a pregnancy for it’s own gold-digging fervor…. and this, after she allowed herself to get pregnant once before (with Shaquille O’Neal) and filed suit against him for the same reasons.

Yet women behave as if it’s “rude” and “insensitive” to look at a nice ass when it walks by? Don’t fall for it gents. That ass went to pilates 4x a week to get noticed. Look all you want and never apologize for it. She sure as hell won’t, when she does exactly the same thing and takes everything including the ice-cube trays out of the freezer just before you come home to an empty apartment wondering where you went wrong.

Q: “Were you checking out that other girl?”

A: “YES. And so were you. Problem?”

Understanding hypergamy and the game concept of “Alpha F~~~s and Beta Bucks” may quite possibly be Red Pill Lesson No.1, gentlemen. It was for this guy, as he came home one day to find a video (which she kept since college) of his own wife sucking every alpha dick she could wrap her lips around, while getting glazed like a donut. In that moment, he found out years too late. Even when he confronted her with it, she didn’t give a damn about his feelings on the matter as she would expect him to care about hers. She only wanted to not upset the reliable normalcy of the marriage which he provided for so many years. Her staged tears are only in reaction to the threat of not being able to collect lifetime alimony should he decide to opt for a messy and costly extraction. Had he known the word “hypergamy” before the wedding, there would not have been one.

Hypergamy doesn’t care.

*Trailer produced by MGTOW.COM in 1080p HD, and inspired by the original “Hypergamy Doesn’t Care” concept
-by Rollo Tomassi

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