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I Want Something

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Why does it seem like women only contact me when they want something. And they are getting better and better at figuring out cunning ways to get what they want and I can’t object. It’s like women sit there and figure out all the possible angles before asking you to do something for them. A few days ago I get a random facebook message from one of my cousins in Europe. I haven’t seen her in over seven years. I maybe speak to her once a year at best yet she contacted to let me know that she needed a website constructed for herself. No asking me about how I’m doing, no bothering to make small talk or trying to get on my good side. She went straight for the jugular. She needs a website done and I’m going to do it. That’s what she wants me to do and I’m in a situation where I can’t really say no because of my mother. My mother went overseas and hung out with my cousin last year. My cousin showed her a good time for a couple of weeks and they hung out together. So essentially my mother owes my cousin a debt of gratitude. But does my mother have to pay this debt back? Of course not! That’s why she has a son like me to shame into helping my cousin out. I’m like a disposable utility to my mother and I’m free to be used by my relatives if they take my mother out for a good time. In the past I never would have seen it like this. I would look at the situation and see it as my male duty to rescue my cousin from her inability to design and build a website. Now I see things exactly the way they are. My cousin wants something from me because she did my mother a favor. If I refuse to help then it will bring shame to both me and my mother. A woman’s currency is shame and if she can’t shame a man directly then she will use the threat of collateral damage or collateral shame to get what she wants. I feel like half a man for agreeing to help my cousin but the way I see it I don’t have a real choice in the matter.