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I’m Sorry. I can’t. Don’t Hate Me.

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For the sex that announces she’s taking the kids to Mom’s by leaving you a note on the fridge, they sure do an awful lot of squawking about about being dumped “disrespectfully”. When the cheating military wife of a soldier posts a manilla envelope on the door of his house to tell him he doesn’t live there any more, she feels no remorse and neither does the “justice” system….. but men are led to believe dumping her by leaving a note is infuriating and unacceptable.

In this scene, Jack Berger has just come over the night before, and presented her with a bunch of flowers in a last effort “make it work”, but realizes all the words have already been said, they have done enough talking, and he makes a discreet exit in the morning – taking for granted that she is an adult who will understand. He leaves a note on “I’m sorry. I can’t. Don’t hate me” because that’s all the explaining he needs to do.

In a childish fit of rage, she behaves like he “treated her badly”.

He apologized and extends her the courtesy of asking him to not damn him for all eternity…. which is far more respect than a cheating military wife of a soldier is willing to do after laying his life down for her freedoms and basic liberties. When placed into it’s proper perspective, he did a courteous and classy thing (with flowers!)… but his mistake is assuming a woman will accept rejection as gracefully as men are expected to do.

The episode perfectly comes around full circle when Carrie is later issued a ticket by a Police officer for smoking weed in public. She explains she’s just out cheering herself up on a “girls night out” after her boyfriend dumped her on a post-it. She begs him to let it slide, but as an adult male, he understands the concept of accountability, hands her the ticket and says “I’m sorry. I can’t. Don’t hate me.”

…. because that’s all the explaining he needs to do.

The post-it always sticks twice.