Jim Jeffries Opens International MGTOW Day

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Just in time for the first International MGTOW Day on Feb. 14th | 2015, the day formerly known as “Valentine’s Day” is getting a proper funeral, and the eulogy is hilarious. Aussie culture is rife with men who have seen some of the worst feminization in the western world, and we are starting to see some very public pushback. A new brand of comedy currently brought to you by men like Bill Burr, Jim Jeffries, Joey Rogan and Chris Rock is very unlike the “comedy” you see on television where the male dialogue is utterly tame, apologetic, and all he cares about is pleasing and appeasing his wife. If Jerry Seinfeld were starting his career today, he would have stiff competition.

There’s a change happening in the world. Starting this Feb. 14th.
Happy First Annual International MGTOW Day.


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