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Judge Declares Male Parental Rights Gone

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While it’s still legal in this country for a woman to allow herself to get pregnant without a man’s consent, a female “judge” has decided even if you DO consent, no man has a right to parent his own child – even when a mother decides to give his child up for adoption. This is another way of saying a man’s child is not his own in any capacity, including the gravest of circumstances.

That’s as honorable as paternity fraud – which is also legal in all 50 states and Canadian provinces thanks to women having 54% of the vote – and it shows just because something is legal doesn’t make it right. Giving a child up for adoption rather than letting the other willing parent assume full responsibility for it is a declaration that every father is only “a father” because some woman allows it. But the same man would be expected to make 216 monthly payments for a child that is not his, else he will go to prison.

In what universe does one call this kind of person a “judge” or your “honor”?

Respect is earned and not demanded because you’re female. How hard would a woman laugh if a man said “you have to respect me because I was born with a penis”? How is it possible to legally regard a Man as worthless (with no parental rights) and expect that Man to respect anyone who thinks so little of him? He’s less than human. So what would his respect be worth? One wonders how anyone can demand such a thing. No human being without such a callous indifference to the humanity of men could respect that kind of legal decision either. So don’t ever believe that vomit about it being “for the children”. They don’t give a damn about “the children”.

Here is just one example. Keep your ears open.
If you’re not careful, it can almost SOUND like she cares…

… so nobody gets to blame “fatherlessness” on men again.

In no legal capacity can a man be a father, even when he wants to be and the child will be given away.

The concept of deadbeat Dads is now history. Zero rights for fathers means zero deadbeat Dads. Nicely done, ladies. You may now legally remove all fathers accused of abandoning their children from pizza boxes and milk cartons beginning today – as determined by feminist law – and insist women accept 100% personal responsibility for the “fatherlessness” problem. But first, you will have to teach them what that means. You may begin by teaching the “judge” who should be defrocked, disbarred and thrown in jail for crimes against children forced to grow up without fathers. And then you can teach Jackie Brewton (video above).

Good luck with that. We recommend a good set of crayons and a puppet of Oprah Winfrey.

Brewton said she “wished she had a camera to broadcast [the girl’s pain] on national television”. If that’s true, then why did she remove this video from being played on other websites? Almost immediately after we shared her plight here, she prevented it from being viewed anywhere else. Thankfully, we archived a copy before she removed it.

Just like the rest of them, she doesn’t care about the pain of the children, getting the message out, or doing anything about it herself. She also disabled comments and voting. What person uploads a message such as this and wants nobody to talk about or share it as far and wide as possible? Odd behavior from someone who enjoys filming herself speaking publicly – often while holding a microphone. She doesn’t care. Jackie Brewton only cares to continue blaming men for the “fatherlessness” problem. When she can’t, she backpedals, withdraws the entire message, and suddenly it’s of no importance to broadcast it anymore. If she can’t demonize men, it’s best to keep it as quiet as possible. She is perpetuating the problem. That’s what happens when you watch too much Oprah.


“But by law, father’s can’t be fathers, even when they really, really, really want to be.”


Update 2015.02.16 She has now removed the video completely from youtube. One more misandrist fraud bitch exposed. No genuine care for the children or “fatherlessness”. Her only agenda is to blame men for it – far and wide – and when she can’t get away with it, she crawls back into her hole like a c~~~roach. The microphone must be ripped away from women like this.

She has another video with “Man Up” in the title. What a disgrace. It’s a wonder these people think they belong in leadership, law-making and teaching positions. Perhaps Schopenhauer was entirely correct when he said “women have no sense of justice” back in 1865. Exactly 150 years later, he would be right. After all, diplomacy and peace treaties were invented by Men…. but happily collecting monthly payments for committing legal paternity fraud could only be invented by women.

Today, in the news, a woman burned her baby to death. And today, your basic “judge” would permit that to happen before letting the child’s father give the infant any hope of having any kind of life. If any judge would have permitted me, I would have raised that child myself. Instead, we are expected to believe only the mother – and some piece of s~~~ judge – knows what’s best. What would men who aren’t the father possibly know(?)… when not even the father can know.

So as long as feminists are screaming for “equality”, everyone is just going to have to wait for them to march down to the local courthouse and demand fathers have an equal say in the matter. Perhaps they can find the time in between Slutwalks, or between tweets like #killallmen. Because the male opinion on the matter has zero value, and we can’t expect mothers or teachers to do it, so that leaves the feminists as humanity’s only hope for the children – whom they don’t even care about anyway. You can’t even count on a judge anymore. Perhaps they can get Mizzz Sarkeesian to tear herself away from her video game obsession long enough to contribute something of actual value to humanity.

Do let us know when they finally get around to it. We’ll call it the “She for she” campaign.
Maybe they can get Emma Watson to do another speech for that. That would be funny.

“Honor” is a male abstraction. Don’t expect women to understand.