Lorena Bobbitt – “I Just Went Insane!”

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Received with a standing ovation, notorious Lorena Bobbitt proclaims she “just went insane” before making world-wide headlines in 1993 when she cut off her husband’s penis with a knife – while he was asleep in bed.

Why? “She just went insane!”. That’s why.
To a woman, that’s a good enough reason. She may even think she should be allowed to roam free!

Lorena left the apartment with the severed appendage, drove away in her car, and threw his penis into a field. After realizing the severity of her crime, she stopped and called 9-1-1. After an exhaustive search, his penis was found and surgically reattached at the hospital. The operation took nine and a half hours, but John never regained full sensation.

25 years later, insane Lorena Bobbitt still enjoys celebrity status lauded by women everywhere.

Insane Lorena Bobbitt didn’t leave her husband who she claimed mistreated her, and she even claimed he “forced” her to have an abortion. Insane indeed, because there is no such thing as a man “forcing” a woman to choose an abortion. “Her body. Her choice”. And women don’t give a damn about how their husbands feel about it.

Today, “doing a Lorena Bobbitt” is a staple of “comedy” among women…. eliciting giggles, elation and a sense of personal satisfaction. This is how she thinks she “won”. If this sort of thing tickles your woman’s fancy in any capacity, dump her immediately. When she appears on national television, you and your penis won’t matter a damn.