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What you are about to witness is known as a “man-piphany”. A jolt of genius that starts at the b~~~~ and proceeds directly to the brain. Every MGHOW has experienced this level of clarity, and it’s moments like these which are far better than sex. Even wetter when you spray your knowledge out in public! The ManVinci Code, as it were. And the answers were always right before your eyes.

Contrary to popular opinion, a “relationship” is not what your girlfriend (or wife) will tell you. It’s not 50/50. It’s not give and take. It’s not a two-way street, compromise, soulmates or any of that horses~~~ women pretend. They don’t even believe it themselves.

A “Relationship” is just an anagram for “I sit on her lap”.

Observe the female reaction of amazement and wonder, as they gasp and marvel at one mere mortal man who stood before them and uncovered the secret. One man who unzipped his fly on stage and revealed a baby’s arm holding an apple. Just one man who represents another -1 to the population of suckers who are willing to put up with her crap.

  “I really want a relationship.”

  “You can get a puppy for that.”

*video discovered between the hidden brushstrokes of life by our esteemed member and MGHOW contributor RoyDal. The man himself is comedian Bill Dawes.