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Men Are Better At Housework

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Facebook exec Sheryl Sandberg’s husband died suddenly on 2015.05.02. Probable cause of death? Nagging. Imagine coming home to a discontent bride who goes on TV and talks about how YOU – and every other man she’s not even married to – are inadequate at home. Would that be enough to murder your happiness?

Everyone knows men are better than women at housework and chores, because the most important housework is paying the mortgage. Menial “housework” cannot exist without the house. Just because women are bad at math, doesn’t mean they’re good at not-math.

If you want to see how terrible women are at housework, have a look under her sink, and the buckets of depression pills in her medicine cabinet. Then ask yourself why in God’s name she will never shut up about leaving the toilet seat down. Unless she’s paying 51% (or more) of ALL the bills and house payments…. the toilet seat will remain UP, and her mouth will stay closed. Punto Finito.

We are not your husband. We don’t have to listen to you.

The very women who have a problem with being called “bossy”, think they are justified in telling others how to conduct themselves and manage their very homes and private lives. But I once hired a maid to clean my bathroom floor, and fired her the same day when she said she was done. The grout was as dirty as it was before the job. You call that clean?. So I spent the next two hours taking a toothbrush and Lysol Toilet Bowl cleaner to the tiles – myself – and after putting my manly shoulders into it, even the grout was sparkling white. No woman who lectured a man on “housework” has ever done that in her life.

There is only Mr. Clean. There is no Mrs. Clean.
But there is a Mrs. Butterworth’s. WTF does that tell you?

Every female who ever set one foot in my home said exactly the same thing: “OMG your place is so CLEAN!!”.
It sounds like a compliment, but she just insulted herself.

“So clean”?? There is no such thing as “SO clean”. There is “clean” and there is not “clean”. Only a man can possibly understand that. The very comment “you are so clean” doesn’t say anything about me, it says everything about THEM. They live like filthy pigs. The only woman worth inviting again is the kind who says nothing because she expects a home to be clean, but because they all feel some need to comment on “how clean” it is, I know their place is a dump and I don’t even need to visit her barn once.

When 100% of all women who come to your house comment on how clean it is, you know they are not marriageable, because your standard of living will be lowered the day she enters your life. You will never be wrong on this and can bet 30 years of mortgage payments on it. Visit her place and you’ll be tripping over countless magazines, gigantic fish bowls with no fish in them – filled with dust and hundreds of perfume and lipstick samples – s~~~ty wicker furniture from Pier One, and a $49 3-foot vase with a fake bamboo shoot sticking out of it, with half the price tag still stuck to the bottom because she didn’t have the decency to use lighter fluid to remove it completely. Everything is covered in hair, her brushes look like Tina Turner lives there, and her bedspread reeks of cat urine. And if she’s a single mother, we don’t even need to finish this sentence.

Men are better at chores and the street sweepers, garbage men, sewer & road workers are every indication. Women are in no position to lecture men on work of any kind, especially “housework”. Women hate housework so much, they bitch and moan about loading and pushing a button on an appliance that washes everything for them. They are the sex that calls that “oppression” and they get offended when you expect her to pick up a mop.

That alone proves men are better at housework.