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Men’s Right to Vote

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In 2015, American film actress Meryl Streep played the role of Emmeline Pankhurst – a radical feminist from the time of the “suffragettes” – in a Hollywood film by the same name. Suffrage refers to the right to vote in political elections, and a “suffragette” is a woman campaigning exclusively for the female right to vote. Lots of chatter about “rights”. No mention of “responsibilities”.

However, the suffragettes were of the opinion that it was every man’s responsibility to fight and die for the female right to vote, even in a time when men did not have the right to vote either. If men disagreed with this lunacy of self-sacrifice to benefit females, the suffragettes would brand them “cowards” and shame them while presenting them with a white feather.

It’s unknown if Mizzzzz Streep conducted any proper research on her character, but Thorium certainly has (in the video above), and includes a direct quote which is enough to justify and explain the existence of “Men Going Their Own Way” without speculation. Even today, you can’t peacefully swing a golf club without knocking over a feminist shreaking about equal “rights” for women.

Countless men fought and died to give women 100% my-body-my-choice where men have none. But, let a suffragette have her way, and she wouldn’t even want you have the your-body-your-choice to live. With still no mention of equal responsibilities for women in 2015, the shaming language has not changed in over a century, but the feminist machine rages on branding women as “heros” for not wanting to be a slave.