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Messenger on Male Autonomy

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Its been said the biggest problems in a man’s life arise from the inability to be in a room all by himself. Some of the best MGTOW-relevant content, videos, inspirations and writings come at 2AM when it’s just he, a recording device and a thought.

The first word in a “Man Going His Own Way” is a man before everything else – no matter what he chooses to do, what values he possesses, or how he chooses to live. The “going” and the “doing” comes after his core values and character. Without them, he is going nowhere. Messenger does away with “MGTOW”, pulls off the patch and speaks directly to men: On character and male autonomy.

You’ll hear a lot of chatter about “personality”.

“So-and-so has a great personality”.
“I think I have a good personality”.
“You should get to know her. She has a great personality”.

But how often to you see emphasis on character? Or the mere mention of the word. Television and media is saturated with “personalities”. Famous personalities. Split personalities. But personality can be faked. It can be too easily applied and washes off like makeup. It’s the often mood and emotionally-based surface presentation designed to influence how one is perceived (and wishes to be seen) by others. It’s not even close to who they really are.

But “character” is what you have when you turn your television OFF.

Constant great efforts are made by external forces in the world who are dead set on removing your own autonomy. Self governing. Self rule. Your own “agency”, as it were. Potential employers. Family. Girlfriends. Entirely make your own life choices and watch what happens, they really don’t like it. These forces will fill your head with fantasies and attempted manipulations to enslave you and hold you back. On the surface, it may seem as black-and-white as “control or be controlled”, but when you accept “control is an illusion”, you are now are truly free.