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MGTOW In Under One Minute

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A scene from “Big trouble in Little China” (Kurt Russell and Kim Cattrall c.1986) encapsulates MGTOW in less than a minute.

“God! Aren’t you even gonna kiss her goodbye?!” represents external cues, social pressures and expectations when not caving to them is perceived as controversial.

“No.” addressed to the onlooker as a deliberate and conscious rejection of them.

Magnificently understated, he concedes he’s a lousy politician: “sooner or later, I rub everyone the wrong way”, being liked is unimportant, and he gracefully bows out in spite of the twitching residual lips and hopeful inward breath of anticipation before him.

It’s not exactly Gone With the Wind, but it’s the 1986 version of “frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn”.