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MGTOW McConnaissance

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Another money-shot every MGHOW can appreciate.

Matthew McConaughey takes the words out of everyone’s thought bubble and speaks them at the wedding rehearsal dinner table – with no apology and a s~~~-eating grin a mile wide. Wearing the MGTOW badge on his sleeve, watch the females panic, react with shock, and the white knights cower to their protection. Even the much older experienced man warns him to keep his words close…. but living true to his manstincts is the only way to live.

The Jennifer Garner reaction to deflecting the conversation with an uncomfortable smile is blue-pill nervousness visible whenever truth bombs are dropped. Just be quiet like a good little doggy so no one gets hurt. “You should go”. There it is. The female telling a man what he “should” do, as if she knows best. Women, lovely lemmings they are, don’t like weirdness. Non-conformists give them the heebie-vajjies, until such time that the non-conformist is validated by the wider social group. But why should he go?

Because feelings are more important than FACTS.
Sensitivity is more important than TRUTH.
Commitment is more important than INDIVIDUALITY.

All rubbish. The scene is an epic MGTOW example rarely seen or spoken in film, the line to finish them all off would be: “marriage is for gays” while taking a final swig of scotch, and riding off into the sunset. But everybody knows that’s not how you garner an Oscar.

A MGHOW wears the truth like a bullet-proof vest.

Pity our friends at radio station 102.3 (in Edmonton, Canada) hadn’t watched this scene before attempting to ridicule MGTOW.COM the day before International MGTOW Day (02.14) when they so fraudulently asked “do men really think this way??!!!”. The single mother of 4 flew into a frenzied spasm on air when forced to accept she will have a harder time finding a wallet to exploit. More on that coming up, but in the mean time….

Forget holding your words close. Hold your wallet closed. That’s what the old man meant to say. Fixed.