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Not believing in God or going to church doesn’t mean you’re the “anti-christ”.
Simply not subscribing to feminist ideology doesn’t make you an “anti-feminist”, either.

Merely not embracing something is very different than setting out against it.
This can be understood by anyone with an iota of common sense.

However, the Church and feminists operate in a similar way. The reaction to simply NOT subscribing to the belief systems they project unto you, NOT quietly swallowing their pill, or NOT giving them money they want …. will earn you a front row seat in hell where you will burn for all eternity. They will decide you must be a “woman hater”. You are an “anti-feminist”. You are conspiring in “the war on women“. You are a sexist MISOGYNIST!

What a vivid imagination.

Imagine if there really were a “war on women”… and men actually showed up.
Now try and imagine Men not giving a s~~~, and you will be one step closer to reality.

It gets hilarious when MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) are frequently confused with MRAs (Men’s Rights Activists). If you simply don’t tolerate any feminist bulls~~~ in your personal life, you are now an “MRA”. It’s remarkable. They are completely unaware of the difference. In fact, we have received numerous emails asking if we have any affiliation with Paul Elam or “The Men’s Rights Movement”. Some have even asked us if we ARE Paul Elam. And ho boy, are they off the mark.

But MGTOW is not a “movement”. It’s an individual lifestyle choice. The terms are set by the individual – and no one else. These terms may vary. Nobody but a MGHOW gets to have an opinion on it. Nobody else will outline it. Nobody is permitted to define it. Nobody who is not a MGHOW will dictate what is (or is not) acceptable within the MGHOW sphere as a personal lifestyle choice. One might have a girlfriend. One might shag women like a beast, but refuse to give any of them a key to his life. Another might already have been married for 10 years before he awoke and embraced the philosophy…

But one thing always remains consistent. We stay in our own lane.
“Own” is the operative keyword in Men Going Their Own Way.

The success of MGTOW is not dependent on an army who wield swords in unison and charge into battle with guns blazing. That is for feminists and MRAs. MGTOW do the opposite. They drop their swords and shields, turn their backs and opt not to engage as a winning strategy – by doing nothing. If you’re rusty on this, read a little Sun Tzu. “The Art of War”.

Less effort that battling. More effective results.

A woman may shamelessly enter the men’s room and believe she has a “right” to be there simply because the line up for the ladies room is too long. For this, she should expect to be told to get the f~~~ out, or she will be p~~~ed on. That’s not “misogyny” or “anti-female” or a “war on women”. She just needs to be educated with a basic lesson in boundaries – which she should have learned when she was 5.

E-Harmony will shamelessly publish an article attempting to ram advice for you down the public throat… which lectures Men in the most condescending way on “15 reasons to date a single mother“. For this, they should expect Men to show up and give them 150 reasons NOT to date a single mother.

An MRA might get it into his head to lecture MGTOW on what is (and is not) an acceptable lifestyle choice. For this, he should expect to be p~~~ed on too. For he has not learned a lesson in boundaries either, and would be best rewarded by staying in his own lane – lest he gets a fender dented.

In all of these situations the solution is apparent and very simple.
Get the f~~~ out. And shut the f~~~ up. Then you won’t have any friction.

Stop selling your s~~~ sammich to people who aren’t buying.
Because if you kick a MGHOW’s leg…. you should expect him to break yours.

( only in spirit, of course. )

*video entitled “MGTOW Fascists? LOL!” by MGTOW vlogger Barbarossa. Subscribe to him on youtube.

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