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Misandry in The Media

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If you have not seen this +20 part “Misandry in the Media” series on Youtube, you have certainly seen it on TV and probably not paid attention – however glaringly obvious it may be. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together can see it is apparent that TV sitcoms, commercials, feature films, daytime TV talk shows are completely saturated with totally unacceptable portrayals of Men which would not be tolerated in the extreme if the sexes were simply reversed.

Intentionally presented to be the same message over and over again: Men are all bumbling idiots, supplicating weaklings, and apologetic losers who are messy, incompetent, stupid and smell…. one after another, the author deconstructs each example collected from western media and exposes the glaring hypocrisy of it all.

Modern advertising appeals to women who are responsible for 80% of consumer purchases and money wasted in the West. And while you can easily sell her a “green car” and convince her she is “saving the planet” because women are sheeple who cannot think for themselves… you will enjoy more sales if you castrate, beat, belittle and mock a Man in the process.

Even though a man knows old & classic cars are better for the environment than new, hybrid cars – and he can prove it with science – the FORD motor company attempts to sell women more hybrid/electric cars by casting a woman in the commercial saying she “feels smarter”.

We s~~~ you not. The radio commercial aired last year.
And they are pretending MEN are stupid?

This recent episode (above) is a random selection from the series, and by the time you watch just one, the message is clear of the role you are expected play. So ingrained in today’s culture, it is widely embraced and accepted as “normal”. And so blindly accepted it is, if you try NOT being that guy in your home, marriage or relationship… the wife or girlfriend becomes very uneasy – to say the least.


… curiously embraced by the sex that will sling accusations of “misogyny” like a frisbee whenever she is told something she doesn’t like or agree with. Except here is the difference: Celebrity “actress” Jennifer Aniston endorses a beverage product (“smart” water) with violence by kicking a man in the sack for saying something kind to her – all in an effort to generate ratings.

Yes you read that right. Women can be convinced that one water is “better tasting” than another water, and she will be “smarter” for drinking it as long as a man is hoofed in the nads for saying something nice to her, and he falls down in agony. This is supposed to be “hilarious”.

… but nobody has ever seen – or will ever see – a commercial attempting to sell more beer by kicking a woman in the t~~~. Women should be ashamed of themselves for buying into it as happily as they do. Especially since they would never tolerate the reverse.

Not for One. Minute.