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Online Misogyny Threats and Bullying

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They have got to be kidding. Until women have the hashtag #killallmen removed, and they stop happily recommending men who are not born 6′ tall should suicide themselves …. these creatures can shut the f~~~ up about “online bullying, threats and misogyny”. How do you weak frauds cope in the real world?

If you feel “attacked” by something someone TYPES on a webpage in another city, then you should forfeit your internet connection immediately, because you are clearly not ready for it. Go back to playing with your Barbie dolls and watching Disney. The internet was created by Men – for other Men – and it’s only by our divine manly grace that women are permitted to use it. You’re welcome.

Men created Twitter. Women create hateful hashtags to “kill all men”. That is the important difference between the male contribution to the world…. and the female c~~~ribution to the world. And don’t ever forget it.

That is all. You’re excused.