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Miss Ohio Admires Whores

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“Pretty Woman” is every woman’s wet dream. Whore becomes Cinderella.
The phenomenal success and popularity of the film (even 25 years later) is every indication.

The guy in this video nailed the concept. His only mistake was apologizing for calling her a whore. That’s when Julia Roberts started crying in the movie too. When Richard Gere called her a whore. But that’s exactly what she was. A Hollywood Boulevard , tattoo parlor and cheap lingerie avenue whore – where they embrace public urination. Accept it. There is no shame in that. Sack up and say it out loud. There is nothing “harsh” about it. The movie starts with Julia Roberts playing a human toilet who can’t even support herself and needs another druggy whore roommate to just make the rent.

Yet the most attractive women in the country aspire to this. Like the lovely Miss Ohio!

Fascinating when women everywhere want to experience a life like Julia Robert’s character in the movie…. but NOT Richard Gere’s(?). The hugely successful billionaire with his own jet and staff, who drives a Lotus Esprit, writes his own ticket and makes billion-dollar business deals over the phone. THAT is what she should be saying on stage and national television instead of embarrassing herself with whatever gynocentric “you go girl” nonsense she can pull out of her ass to try and win a crown.

“Natural Blonde” . That’s what it said on the box.

Someone pull that microphone away before she damages the mentality of a million other hopeful young women… who will never be the next CEO of Google as long as they agree with her. She would have served women better by exalting Sigourney Weaver in the Aliens saga. Or Melanie Griffith in Working Girl. But no, she goes right for the whore.

While one could argue that Gere’s character was short on morality because he made an enormous living out of breaking companies apart, initiating mass firings, and selling them off in bits for profit…. it was ESSENTIAL that they portrayed him with a character flaw, to try and sell a female audience the idea that every man (even one of vastly superior socio-economic status) needs a woman in order to become “a better man”. Women constantly think they are “improving” a man… even if he can buy the very boulevard she sells herself on.

There is an old saying like that: “Behind every great man is a whore.”.
Where have you heard THAT nonsense before? Never. That’s where. Because it’s totally untrue.

Behind every great man is many years of back-breaking work, tireless dedication and enormous sacrifice. But then a woman comes along, spends his money, and pretends she now had everything to do with it.

Imagine the arrogance.

Just like you can sell a woman a ketchup popsicle while she is wearing white gloves, you can sell millions of movie tickets if you can make a girl believe “a man is nothing without her”. Women LOVE that s~~~. It’s all gynocentric nonsense to play up their value and contribution while being no more than aspiring parasites looking to leach off a man. So sell it to someone else. Business is business. If Gere’s character was so short on morality in the business world because he profited from transactions that are legal but morally wrong…. then the society that made 50 MILLION ABORTIONS legal (since 1973 alone) no longer gets to pretend it’s “right” either.

With all that potential, promise and some good years still ahead of her, Miss Ohio lauds whore status instead of aiming higher with something like: “I want to be as successful as Richard Gere in the movie Pretty Woman”. To this day no woman has ever said that in any interview, but plenty of them go on about Julia Robert’s spending spree using money she doesn’t even have. Too many woman will even do that with their own credit cards to soothe their aching self-esteems while doing irreparable damage to their own credit – just like the wannabe Miss USA in the above video.

She’s thinking she is saying something smart and worthwhile, while simultaneously generating applause as the worst possible spokes model for young women… and in less than 30 seconds, she managed to set feminism back, like, 600 years.

“By the age of twelve at the latest, most women have decided to become prostitutes. Or, to put it another way they have planned a future for themselves which consists of choosing a man and letting him do all the work.”
– Esther Vilar
The Manipulated Man

( When you first read that, it seems almost difficult to believe, doesn’t it. )

And THAT, Young Turks,  is exactly why modern women are still whores by the millions rather than successful rich billionaires. Because “whore status” is their dream and the pinnacle of success where women are concerned. In her mind – and in her own words – she has “made it” when she can sell her body to the highest bidder. For Miss Ohio, that’s called “coming out on top”. It would seem feminism has done an excellent job of turning countless women into the very sex-objects they claim the “patriarchy” labeled them as. Nicely done, ladies. At least you won’t be able to point your fingers at men anymore.

Does this explain why unattractive feminists rigorously protest beauty pageants because they will never get to achieve the coveted “whore status” like their more-attractive counterparts? Well at least we all know deep in their hearts, they really wish they could.

When the young turks are prepared to call it exactly as they see it without apologizing…. then maybe we will have some progress and see some fragment of intellectual honesty in mainstream broadcasting for a change. The world desperately needs it. It gets old watching women like Miss Ohio propping themselves up on the very pedestals they belong underneath.