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Modern Educayshun

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There is no denying the education system is in the toilet. When a Canadian six-year-old comes home and is asked “how was school today?”, the response is no longer “I made you a bottle with colored tissue paper I stuck on with glue!!”. The child speaks of what it learned about how it’s not OK to call little Suzie a “she” – because “gender equality”.

Modern Educayshun delves into the potential dangers of our increasingly reactionary culture bred by social media, political correctness and where basic principals, languages, creativity, real art, imagination, music, maths and sciences are replaced by toxic indoctrination. Where “feelings” are more important than facts, sensitivity is more important than truth, and “gender equality” is more important than geography.

3 times 3 will always equal 9.

But 3 times 3 will never equal “gender equality”, because it doesn’t exist.

We already know men and women can’t possibly be equal, because women are not even equal to each other…. unless you’re teaching a course on how “all women are the same”. Careful there. You might “offend” someone. And you wouldn’t want that. All women are not the same, and it can be proven because all women can never be Oprah or BeyoncĂ©. Some grown “educated” adults need this spelled out for them like a 6 year-old.

Men are not equal to each other either, and men are not treated equally.
So who would ever preach “gender equality”? They must be entirely mad.

“Educators” can stop polluting children heads and tomorrow’s young minds with cis-hetero-normative-gender-equality-trans-phobic bulls~~~, and go back to grade school since they missed out on the basics. Else, the future will be cancelled. Nobody on Earth is qualified to teach “gender equality”. Even a six year old knows better.

A child already knows Suzie is a she, a 3 is a 3, and a he is a he.
Only an extreme idiot would see that as a “problem” to be politically-corrected.