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Niko Choski on Rejection

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MGHOW Niko Choski created this video specifically for, and we thank him for the gesture. In a recent hangout with several MGTOW YouTube creators, we had been discussing what topic he could cover to kick off our exclusives section. Something young men deal with frequently: The concept of “rejection”.

It’s important, not because it’s devastating… but because it’s NOT devastating.

Many people try very hard to convince young men they are nothing – or “losers” – when they don’t get laid, or don’t have a girlfriend….. as if the pinnacle of success is measured by your ability to crash into her womanly crust. They thrive on generating this male insecurity, and too many men buy into it. On too many occasions, some young men have eaten a bullet.

MGTOW are putting a stop to that.

The concept of “rejection” – and the use of the word itself – is silly.
A woman’s rejection is as meaningless as her approval.

What’s the BEST thing that happens when she doesn’t reject a man? A simple sex act and a possible pregnancy. There’s also a high probability of an STD. Put the pregnancy and STD aside, and all you’re left with as a pay-off for not being “rejected” is something you can order like pizza. Making it their business if you “don’t get laid” is quite possibly the most worthless consideration of your inherent personhood.

In this over-sexualized society, the first question about you won’t be: “Is he nice? Is he hard working? Does he have values? How many languages does he speak? Where did he go to school? How many brothers and sisters does he have? Are his parents still married? Is he talented? Does he play any musical instruments? Who are his friends? And how does he spend his free time?”

They are obsessed with who you’re having sex with – and how often.

Don’t buy a girl a drink or tell her exactly what she wants to hear, and it’s “OMG are you GAY?”. Don’t show any interest pursuing a girlfriend (or wife) for any number of legitimate reasons, and that’s the first question on their minds. Criticize a female for anything and you’ll be told you “probably can’t get laid” – as if they have some magical insight into your personal life. Some girls will even say “you can take me to dinner but it’s not a date”. In her skewed perception, she is “rejecting” you long before you’ve shown any romantic interest at all.

After all, a “girlfriend” is just some female who thinks an unmarried man should behave like a husband, not enjoy his freedom, pay for everything and not enjoy the company of other women. What idiot would ever sign up for that? It’s not the rejection that’s embarrassing, it’s her implication that choosing not to pursue her means you MUST be homosexual. That would be like asking a girl if she is a lesbian when she doesn’t give you her phone number. It’s just as preposterous.

The media (and movies) exaggerate it further when implying “he crashed and burned”. Women also have this so ingrained in their psyches, they behave as if “no thanks” should be some kind of soul-crushing experience for a man. When it has no affect on him, they begin to get very uncomfortable and start spouting epithets like there must be something wrong with you.

Don’t fall for it. It’s a cheap dime-store trick.

What is she rejecting, exactly? An offer to buy her a drink? A dinner out at his expense, so he can sit across from her for 3 hours listening to her go on about Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, her a*hole ex-boyfriend and golden retriever puppies? A marriage proposal? In every case, she is not offering anything. HE is. When her acceptance means it costs him something, then her rejection is doing him a favor. Until she offers him something, he loses nothing. Not even self-esteem.

Female rejection is as worthless as her approval.
The day a man realizes that, is the day it’s game over for them.

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