One Thing


Back to core fundamentals, because some people just don’t get it.
Here’s a very polite & friendly red-pill / blue-pill exchange between a red scarf and a blue hat.

( Coincidental symbolism? )

Pay close attention to the blue hat’s disapproval:
“No no. That’s all wrong! You could have been …. you know…. WITH her”.

There’s just one problem. He speaks as if “being with her” is some kind of accomplishment – and NOT being with her is some kind of loss – but he is the one with a wife who doesn’t want anything to do with him, his life is in chaos, and he needed to get away from it all to sort himself out.

We’ve seen this here before. Sound familiar?

But the red scarf has himself perfectly figured out and his life makes sense. In every way, CurlyTheCowboy is a MGHOW down to every fibre of his being, but when you place these two together in the current social order, you get some pretty hostile dialogue.

“You’re just a LOSER. You live in your mother’s BASEMENT. You probably can’t get LAID. You must be GAY. You’re just BITTER™.” (see female commenter below)….. which a MGHOW cowboy can only laugh at, because the blue hat is all failure, his marriage is in shambles, he has no idea who he is, and his life doesn’t even make sense to him…. yet he’s perfectly comfortable telling others their life choices are all wrong? He hasn’t even figured out his own purpose – because he’s looking for it in the wrong place.

To the MGHOW, there is one purpose: The purpose he created for himself.

You see other films like “Eat Pray Love” where women are constantly trying to “find” themselves.
But men CREATE themselves.

The blue hat just hasn’t figured that out yet.