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The Center-of-the-Universe misconception.

In the days of Copernicus (about 550 years ago), most people blindly believed the Earth was the center of the Universe. But the Earth is not the center of the Universe. It’s not even the center of the Solar System. Women are not the center of the Universe. So it’s about time men (and especially women) STOP ACTING LIKE IT.

Pronounced like the name of a disease, “one-eye-tiss” is the concept of being fixated and entirely-devoted to one girl in particular, which dangerously limits a man’s options down to “the one” or any “one” who he may even convince himself is the ONLY…. “one”.

Great for her. Bad for you.

Implying a negative or unhealthy situation, the male may even tolerate unacceptable female behaviors and substandard reciprocation as he continues to dial up his efforts, dedication, time, investment, attention and focus on a specific female… while believing this will somehow reward him as much as diversifying his investments. He blindly puts all his eggs in “one” basket without realizing this will almost certainly limit his options to “none” if he keeps it up.

Dangerous to his own game, oneitis is counter-intuitive and does not work in the male best interest. Believing he is increasing his own value as a high-contributing man with much to offer, he unknowingly lowers his own value, while simultaneously increasing hers. She then quickly begins to think “what do I need this guy for? I can do much better than him!”. If one man will make me the Center of the Universe, surely other men will too. By attempting to pull “the one” closer, he accomplishes the reverse effect of pushing the female away.

This is how entirely devoted men can be left scratching their heads wondering where they went wrong – even when they did everything right.

If he eased way back on his efforts, attention and devotion and allowed her to assume (or understand) she has competition at all times…. this will heighten his value by focussing LESS on her. Rather than convincing himself there is only one, he would be more rewarded to adopt the attitude oneitis grants to the female: “what do I need this girl for? I can do much better than her.”

Has he ever considered how much better he can do with no woman at all?

Women will openly insist his complete devotion is what they desire, but this must be emphatically ignored, because they aren’t consciously aware: believing she’s “the one” is the best way to be resented for it. This is why women will say things like “he’s a really great guy, but he just doesn’t do it for me”, even when speaking about a man who does EVERYTHING for her, and her alone.

“The one” is a concept for females. Not men.

Where men look to qualify women, women look to disqualify men who believe one woman is the best he can do. However, this game fails the moment a man learns that NO woman at all… may be the best situation of all. For his own success will eventually reveal “the one” was always a myth, and that’s when HE becomes “the one” that got away.

None-itis. It’s the only way to live.

*Video by MGHOW vlogger Sandman. Subscribe to him on YouTube.