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The Post Feminism Man

Video Info & Description

The Post Feminism Man – by MGHOW Barbarossa – is the first video ever added to the archive at MGTOW.com, and the first recommended stop to understanding why the misandry bubble has burst in recent years. A growing population of men are collectively just not putting up with it anymore. A mere 8-10 years ago, the gynocracy would publish some anti-male nonsense in the mainstream media, and men would seldom – if ever – push back in the interest of keeping the peace. But not anymore.

Where boyfriends and husbands were once previously more willing to adapt, appease, nod, agree and say “yes dear” in the interest of making it work, men are now beginning to say GET OUT – and GET LOST.

While men are to thank for inventing diplomacy and peace treaties, the war of the sexes (or “gender war” if you are more partial to soft language) has only escalated in recent years, and finally, comment streams, blogs, vlogs, and the existence of the Manosphere has exploded with a population of men displaying zero tolerance to kicking and screaming – and being told EVERYTHING is the fault of Men. How blind they are to the reality of where men have gone. It’s beyond embarrassing, and now Men are sitting back and watching them make very public fools of themselves.

Better late than never, Men are now on the precipice of adopting a line of thought that sticks a collective middle finger in the face of anyone giving him one iota of feminist bulls~~~, and the female opinion (and rampant hypocrisy) is being vigorously called out with no apology.

Indeed, the only reason women were such a privileged class throughout history is because only her GOOD nature (and behavior) was openly displayed for all the world to see. Feminism – possibly for the first time in recorded history – has finally allowed women to show their TRUE nature, and it’s the worst possible thing they could have done for themselves. Because now, the physical beauty of women comes as a double-edged sword of documented and well-known unbridled greed, manipulation, selfishness and toxicity. And not since the days of Samson and Delilah have been so keenly aware of the destruction and havoc women can visit upon them.

Where women were once a “mystery”, they have now become an algorithm….
and they can no longer fetch the admiration and devotion of men in any meaningful way.

Men are no longer amazed or awestruck when we look at women. Men have become suspicious and cautious, and – quite frankly – want as little to do with women as possible. And when men want as little to do with something as possible, we strip down our interaction with it down to the necessities, which means men are only willing to be around women for as long as it takes to f*ck them, and feminism is to blame. Not men. Feminism has made women virtually unbearable to be around and form lasting bonds with. And now, by default, feminism has categorized women into the very sex objects they claim “the patriarchy” labelled them as.

Barbarossa intentionally makes no direct mention of the term “MenGoingTheirOwnWay” here, because this awakening of a sleeping giant is not just exclusive to MGTOW. The post feminism man is not a bad boy, a thug, a “beta”, an “alpha”, a MGHOW, a PUA, an ATM, sperm donor, nor any other classification. He’s not black, or white. He’s what he’s always been: just a man – ready and willing to confront marxist feminism on all of its fronts.

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