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Post Feminist Women are Less Happy

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Many sources who don’t do their homework (or bother to ask) are under the automatic assumption that MGTOW and modern men of The Manosphere somehow “hate feminism”. End quote.

But how can that be?

Feminism – possibly for the first time in recorded history – has finally exposed to the world the true female nature. This is more of a negative for women than it is for men, and it’s the worst possible thing they could have done for themselves. Indeed, the only reason women were such a privileged class throughout history is because only her good nature was openly displayed for all the world to see.

But now, thanks to feminism, men are no longer amazed or awestruck when they look at women. Men en masse have become suspicious and cautious as they should have been all along. Thanks to feminism, there is plenty of documented and well-known evidence of female unbridled greed, manipulation, selfishness and toxicity.

How could men not be grateful for this exposure? It’s fantastic!

The self-aware post-feminism man has an enormous advantage over his ancestors. The Manosphere and MGTOW online presence exists to prepare him in the way his own mother, girlfriend, sisters, peers, friends or wife never will. The woman who pretends to “love” him will push him towards the altar (or unknowingly into fatherhood) with zero regard for his best interests.

And now, as brought to you by CNN, and backed up by scientific study and female testimony, we learn that men’s happiness has INCREASED over time, while female happiness has tragically declined…. in spite of all the advantages and advancements women enjoy today. Women have been given the 54% of the vote. A massive leg up in funding and education. Enormous payouts for being bad wives and mothers. The ability to make hiring decisions in the workforce. And women are STILL less happy than men???

Fascinating. To say the least.

Feminism successfully convinced women they were “oppressed” instead of privileged. It sold them the massive lie that they were elevating their status to being “equal” with men – when it actually lowered their status. Equality with men in the workforce means crawling into sewers, and cleaning streets. That’s what “equality” means. It means: NOT special. It means you’re the same as the lowest. Ordinary. It means you’re no better than anyone else. And this is why feminists get furious when the mirror of equality is reflected back to them. They finally realize it’s a not a plus. Pounding their fists for “equality” backfires in a woman’s face every time a waiter drops the check and her half is now $26.17. Plus tip.

It pushed women into the workforce and sold it to them as a POSITIVE rather than telling them they will now fend for themselves and be taxed like the other half of the population. Where a woman could once live rent free as long as she picked a mop every once in a while, turned a dial on an appliance after placing clothes or dishes in it, and she learned to cook a roast…. this substandard exchange for a man’s labour and resources is becoming much less possible for women to pull off. Men are signing fewer marriage contracts than we have in almost a century. It’s no longer mandatory or socially expected for a man to sign a life contract or to support a female and her children into old age. Even sex is easier to get than ever. In fact, if a modern man only enjoys as few as 3 different sex-partners in his life, he’s still doing far better than his own grandfather – who had to marry her first.

Feminism actually liberated men, and enslaved women as a negative side-effect.

The very question “where are all the good men?” is an endlessly reoccurring theme song which makes headlines across every gynocentric publication you can think of. It is desperate plea from women everywhere who wish to return to a time when they could lock down a man to do all her work and bidding, while she enjoys a life of not having to fight traffic, or face the back of a cubicle for 4 decades in order to support her kids – which she “doesn’t need a man” for. So why would women wonder “where are all the good men” when they don’t really need one?

If feminism were good for women, they wouldn’t ask “where are all the good men?” 747 million times on Google. If you don’t need a man stop asking the question, because men no longer give a damn about being “good” enough for you. Men of the Manosphere already know the answer. A “good man” is any fool stupid enough to be a wallet and a utility for her selfish, lazy ass.

It’s a serious mistake to think MGTOW (and man of the Manosphere) “hate feminism”. Feminism affords the modern man the ability to only have to worry about himself. He can work 35 hours/week if he so chooses – or 70 and bank the difference. He is not required to sign up for a massive mortgage which will take 3 decades to pay off, or pick up a baronet and sacrifice his own life before his 19th birthday for reasons he cannot even question. He is not required to go down on a sinking ship to save women he doesn’t even know, and when a waiter drops the check, he can push it across the table to the female who has spent the last 2 hours lecturing him on “gender equality”. And he can enjoy every second of it.

What is there for a modern MGHOW to dislike about feminism?

• The “yes means yes” law? It’s more of a negative for young women who just won’t get invited to frat parties anymore. Young men in California can simply refuse to date local women and fraternize with a host of Eastern European & other-worldly hotties who migrate by the million annually. Unlike California girls, these women will give their eye teeth to date a western man.
• The risk of a false rape accusation for pulling over and helping her roadside? Just keep driving.
• Paternity fraud is legal and he will pay no matter what? Get a vasectomy. And never tell anybody.
• Zero parental rights? That’s OK. Lions in the jungle have no clue who the father of the cubs really are, either. But a man can get a DNA test.

Feminism sucks for women more than it does for men. That’s a damn-certain guarantee.
It’s the biggest cultural failure of the last century. For women.
….. but that’s not a MGHOW’s problem.