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Progressivism. Empire of Lies.

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If you’re a sports fan and watched SuperBowl 2015, you would have been subjected to an AT&T commercial when joyless jewess and professional comedienne Mrs. Jimmy Kimmel leaned over a couple who are happy about their new baby to say “sorry it’s a boy”…. while yakking on a piece of technology over airwaves and across radio towers invented, created and installed by men.

Is that reasonable from someone suffering from depression? Kudos for opting not to pass it on her admitted mental illness and deciding to select herself for extinction, but a net worth of $10 million can buy her a bucket of pills for that. Just don’t swallow them all at once.

More of a victim of type-casting than depression, for the last 15 years, she’s still harboring resentment towards The Patriarchy™ for not paying her more than taxi fare for her first guest spot – when she should have received nothing. “Sorry it’s a boy” is only a fragment of Mrs. Kimmel’s deep-seeded vengeful crusade against not only male infants, but a mythical “gender wage gap” even wildly successful black women like Oprah have always known is completely fabricated.

If you sat down to see who would win best picture at the Oscars this year, you may have coughed up bile after being forced to listen to a very portly and grandmotherly-looking Patricia Arquette shouting through her s~~~ty feminist glasses about a non-existent gender wage gap. Remove “gender” from her issue, and she’s still out-earning a solid 99% of western women. If a “wage gap” bothers her so much, she can distribute her earnings evenly among them, and still have enough left over to afford batteries to insert into her coveted golden phallus, before inserting it into herself.

But the fraud pretense doesn’t stop there.

“Rape culture”. “Homophobia”. “Hetero-normative”. Whatever the buzzword, the Fempire that is progressivism is built on a foundation lies, crumbles with a stiff breeze and is no challenge to expose for exactly what it is. Bill Whittle does it with ease.