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Red Pill Girlfriends

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Howard Dare takes an interesting look at the new emergence of RedPill Girlfriends – women who appear to understand and respect the principals of Red Pill men. After all, why would a women ever want to be with a weakling, blue-pill beta , or simp? It’s disgusting. Not even a MGHOW can stand to be around that. It’s almost perfectly understandable why she despises them.

But red pill girlfriends are not real. Women are beginning to realize that the men around them have adopted new strategies of dealing with toxic women – including wanting nothing to do with her at all. They are chameleons doing what they need to do to survive. This includes taking you down. She will cry and pout just like a princess. She will use all means at her disposal, and even accuse you of a crime if she doesn’t get her way.

Since she is not genuine, she will play “cool” and understanding from the onset until she has one foot in your personal life. She will sh*t-test and emotionally abuse to see what you’re really made out of. When she does, you have to dump her immediately. Be honest direct with her right from the start. Let her know your stance. Set all of your boundaries, enforce absolutely no relationship of any kind, and “sex if it’s free” is the only acceptable arrangement.