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Sandman is Down

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The video youtube producer who operates under the handle “Sandman” to generate donations while wearing a MGTOW hat has finally – and critically – screwed the pooch. After listening to him open his own wound, “MGTOW Messenger” (video above) is about to pour some salt & lemon juice on it and give him an education on the fundamentals of MenGoingTheirOwnWay.

The critical failure in Sandman’s analysis is exactly the same as everyone else’s in the societal matrix – blindly assuming MGTOW exist because “they must have been hurt by women” whilst perpetuating that “you’re just bitter” nonsense, and “you need to get over it”. The crafty use of the word “coward” is commonly hurled at men to imply bravery is somehow required to sign a marriage contract – or even to interact with women at all.

The word “coward” is also very predictable and used to shame men who others will say are “afraid of a strong woman”, or they are “afraid of rejection” and “afraid of approaching women”. PUA’s (pick up artists) base their entire industry on that. They operate and generate an income by playing on male fear and insecurity. By trying to making a man feel inadequate, they hope he will pay them to learn to step up his “game”.

And what is a strong woman, exactly? Is that anything like a strong cheese?
Do you think she would have any problem holding her own in the presence of an even stronger MAN?
Or do you think she would be “afraid”.

MGTOW know better than to listen to that coward-shaming horses~~~ and refuse to subscribe to it. No courage is required to approach a woman. She’s just a woman, not a dentist’s chair. Her rejection is as meaningless as her approval. You don’t know her yet. Therefore she doesn’t MEAN anything to you. And since she doesn’t MEAN anything to you…. her “rejection” can’t possibly mean anything to you either.

Congratulations, you are now instantly cured of all female rejection anxiety.
There is zero skill or “fear” to get over. Only a true MGHOW can teach you that.

And only a complete idiot calls men “cowards” for not approaching, living with or marrying women.
Sandman hasn’t thought this through long and hard enough.

If you see a piece of doggy-doo-doo on the street and you have no interest in talking to it, picking it up, or playing with it… are you a “coward”? Not even close. You are simply not interested. You have merely determined that it fails a cost/benefit analysis, and this is sensible.

These are exactly the same transparent shaming tactics which instantly fall dead at a MGHOW’s feet and they are too easily deconstructed. Nobody will get away with it, and slapping a “MGTOW” label on your s~~~ doesn’t make you bullet proof, either.

It’s not a requirement to be devastated by women, or hurt financially and emotionally in a divorce to be MGTOW.
Just like you don’t need to personally murder someone to know that it’s WRONG. does not exist because we were flattened by a c~~~, cuckholded, divorced or p~~~ed off because some woman took something from us that she wasn’t willingly given. Smart people learn from their mistakes…. but smarter people learn from other people’s mistakes. MGTOW let their presence be known to educate other men, and to compare notes and experiences. Sandman is in no position to be shaming MGTOW for being “cowards”. With all the bulls~~~ non-MGTOW lectures he produces on “women’s shoes”, he failed to make a video on this very core fundamental.

There is a very clear difference between “bravery” and stupidity.

It doesn’t take “courage” to be in a cohabitation/relationship (or marriage).
It requires stupidity.

MGTOW is just common sense for Men.
Even someone not too bright can understand this.

MGTOW is not a bunch of men who wear the t-shirt because they have been financially raped, lost their homes & children, had their freedom destroyed, or brought to the point of suicide like Robin Williams. We are proof of that. We are still here. And on behalf of those who have been there, you will not use the word “coward” when speaking about them and get away with it.

MGTOW is a community of men – and the only community in the western world – where a MGTOW will have complete trust that he will be fully understood and never accused of being cowardly for making the sensible choice of opting out. He has too much respect for himself. Call him an asshole. Call him a jerk. He will love you for it. But imply that he’s a coward, and you must be high on your own supply. The military will also do it. The media will do it. Women will do it. Your friends and family will do it too. But when you turn on youtube and see another man claiming to be “MGTOW” lecturing you on how “cowardly” you are, you may as well just get a wife, commit financial suicide on the spot, and it forbids Sandman from wearing a MGTOW badge.

For two weeks, we worked hard to create a Sandman themed “Fighter Jet” homepage video – to welcome visitors to our website – complete with a synthethesized radio voice of Sandman making a greeting in his usual style. It’s no surprise we received no word back from him about it, although, he should have been extremely flattered. We didn’t even collect donations to create it, and produced it entirely at our own expense and time – just like our website. Sandman has also made no effort to reach out to us or to reply to any our comments and requests for contact. Odd behavior from a MGTOW when the dot com reaches out to say hello. Even AVFM welcomed us. But Sandman doesn’t give a damn about the best interests of men or anyone but himself.

So we have just stricken and pulled the Sandman video intro after seeing the above. Turns out he never left the plantation at all. Looks like he’s gone full Aaron Clarey and rolled over on MGTOW, or perhaps he met a NAWALT unicorn and was always just one blowjob away from the Blue Pill all along? Who can say, really. But in synch with the entire MGTOW philosophy, you can just answer that question with a “who cares” about his motivations. Actions – and inaction – are what matter.

He can now remove the artificial MGTOW label that reeks of fake Fendi from his videos – changing it to SMM (send me money) – and take his perpetual marketing somewhere else. Better to learn your MGTOW fundamentals from long established veterans like Barbarossa, Stardusk, Spetsnaz, Canadian MGTOW, JohnTheOther, MGTOW in forums, and other veterans who are just too many to list. Contrary to popular opinion, the MGTOW worldview is much bigger and more important than ourselves.