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Sandman on Not Buying Women Anything. Ever.

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Today I bought lunch for a group of colleagues I see from time to time. Coincidentally, all 8 of them were male. Having known these guys for more than 2 years, I sent out a surprise memo that I would be buying everyone lunch for no reason at all. It’s not a holiday. It wasn’t anyone’s birthday. They are not my employees. It’s not even Friday…. and this gesture was met with great enthusiasm, enormous gratitude and high fives all around.

Toronto-based MGHOW “Sandman” discusses the negative impact of showing friendliness and generosity in a social setting where women are involved, lest the girl you buy a drink for will think of you as a “potential rapist”. And you wouldn’t want that. As a Man, when you buy another male friend, colleague, or group of guys a round, none of them are ever going to think of you as a “potential rapist”. Even the gay ones. But women are so sex-obsessed and constantly preoccupied with their precious love gates, they can’t behave in a cordial manner for 5 minutes, or partake in some pleasant conversation without thinking about getting penetrated.

If women love to hate rape so much, why are they always the first to think and talk about it?

It pays to buy lunch for other guys. It brings people together. At the very least, it will earn you a little recognition for making an effort to boost morale, and 100% of the time, it will always be well received. But buying a woman something like a drink, will never pay. It only costs.

So, keep your wallet permanently closed to them. Harness your natural tendency to be generous, and buy yourself something instead. The rewards are infinitely greater. And bonus! It’s a great way to stay out of prison. How awesome is that.

If you’re a “potential rapist” for buying a woman a drink, then she is already a “potential thief and murderer” of your freedom and well-being.

Never give a single woman the opportunity to think of you that way.
She is mentally sick.

*Video by MGHOW vlogger “Sandman”, who has produced an entire volume of +/-200 MGTOW-related topics and shares his personal anecdotal experiences. Subscribe to him on youtube.