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Secrets of The Slave State

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Isn’t voting just…. giving consent to being governed?

All the fanfare about “the right” (or expectation) to vote, is just someone rubbing their hands together giggling at the thought of how eager you are to be controlled while sticking a pin on your lapel. Vote for me, for I am your master. In complying, you have allowed an actual “justice system” to become a “legal system”. Not the same thing at all.

On a more basic level, what is a “girlfriend”, really?. A girlfriend expects an unmarried man to never sleep with other women and behave like a husband, and pay for everything. Else, he should be punished for it. That is commonly referred to as “a relationship”. But is it a FUN relationship? Or is that why they call it a “SERIOUS relationship”.

Oh it’s serious, alright. A serious problem.

Observe how pleased she is with herself, and how happy she is to parade her slave in chains around to be mocked and publicly humiliated by others over a private issue that concerns no one else. She’s not even his wife. Notice he is also smiling, because he’s perfectly happy in the role of her slave, as her compliant little doggy.

But that’s why he’s not married. So he can sleep with whoever he wants without explanation or apology.

How easy would it be to break free from those chains?
Dump that slavemaster and the problem is instantly solved.

What would upset the slave master more? That she wasn’t really likable? Or that she was no longer able to control you. Some “girlfriends” actually believe he should be punished “before he cheats”. She is infuriated the point of believing it is now her “right” to destroy his personal property because she was not able to keep an unmarried man in a constant state of control.

It’s not the “cheating” that upsets her. She is merely no longer able to cheat him OUT of it.

This is steeped in social mentalities and force fed as acceptable by way of MTV, and happily embraced by the women who “LOL” at the very concept. The slave state was also the entire basic premise of the 1999 film “The Matrix”. You are a slave, Neo. Born into bondage. The book “The Manipulated Man” talks about how eagerly men are willing to enslave themselves. Even a criminal who is finally free after serving a sentence will often commit a crime solely for the purpose of returning to prison – because that’s what he knows.

What is a job? A “job” is only something you need to make enough money to do things you WANT to do when you’re not working. Does your employer agree? Or does your employer treat you like you’re not dedicated enough when you unshackle yourself daily at 5:01 PM. Does it bother your employer that you don’t pick up your phone after hours or on weekends? Will you be rewarded extra for caring and staying longer? Are you appreciated for staying with the firm and not constantly exploring BETTER opportunities? Are you made to feel like you should not explore better opportunities at all? Is it acknowledged when you forfeit a sick day to get things done?

Before a man’s life begins, he hears “you need a job”, “get a job”, and “I won’t date a man without a job”… but who would ever aspire to having a job? Isn’t it better to aim higher in life? HR stands for “human resources”. HUMAN RESOURCES. That’s what a man is to the slave state: a human resource. Having a “job” is merely living Just Over Broke.

Man has been carefully and constantly socially conditioned – since the crib – to accept that role of a slave. Preferably blindly, and without question.