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InfoWars on The Sexodus

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InfoWars looks you straight in the eye and gives you the gist of the “Sexodus” article – just in case reading is not for you. But if you prefer the printed page to videos, then by all means, check the story out on how men are checking out… and see if you can see through it.

We must expose and regulate every entity that tries to repackage MGTOW as something they can utilize. The concept is simple. Men have no incentives to submit themselves into slavery via marriage contracts, paying for children they can’t visit, and massive mortgages which he should face the back of a cubicle for 30 years to pay off… in a society where a marriage contract is a fraudulent contract, and paternity fraud is legal in all 50 states and Canadian Provinces. Exclamation point.

The “Sexodus” is not what they say it is. It’s not man-children glued to TV, the internet, video games and porn. It’s a great big middle finger in the face of anyone who tries to tell a boy he has A.D.D and needs to take a pill for it. It’s a ripping good fart in a room full of people telling him to “man up” and do what he’s told. It’s a population of men who won’t let social engineers get away with bullying them into submission. Cute try though.

If countless young men are able to determine on their own that video games, the internet and porn are an infinitely better way to spend their time than with a modern female, then it says nothing about HIM. It says everything about the modern female. His future now has shape-shifting sexdroid housemaids wired to process love. A western girl banging her fists on the table demanding to be taken out for dinner while gazing at her smartphone through the meal can’t compete with that.

Not even repair men repair the irreparable.