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She can never tell you what to do.

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Comedian Bill Burr takes the female script and rewrites it right in her face.

If a woman has ever tried to tell you what you can’t say, what you can’t do, how you can think, where you can sleep….. she is about to get a lesson in humility. It is as easy as flipping a light switch, and it doesn’t take any more than a simple refusal to subscribe to her nonsense.

As an example, less then 30 minutes into a first date, it’s not entirely unusual for the modern female to blurt out something inappropriate like “You’re not getting laid tonight”.

“Oh yeah? Watch me.”

Fixed. Just leave her there to figure it out.

What off-the-chart arrogance to tell a man what he is (or is not) going to do. They say men have an entitlement mentality for merely thinking it…. but she will not hesitate to behave like she is *rejecting* you well before the subject is on the table and before you’ve shown any interest. So who really has the entitlement mentality here? Not only does she automatically presume you want to have sex with her, but already she is trying to control your nut. As if you needed or asked for her permission. Three billion vaginas in the world and you’re not getting laid tonight?

So wrong on so many levels, this kind of control freak behavior is a pandemic. She could have said “I’m not having sex with you”, which is a different message, and a simple “I didn’t ask” will deflect that puck nicely. But phrasing it like “you are not having sex tonight” is begging to be corrected on the spot. It’s not even your basic level-one s~~~ test. It’s pathetic.

How many times have you ever heard:
“You can’t say that to a woman!!!”
“How DARE you speak to her like that!!”
“Don’t EVER ask a woman how old she is.”
“OMG I can’t believe you looked at her!!”
“You liked her picture on Facebook!!”

Where does that kind of arrogance even come from? It’s madness.

Making a point of announcing no sex will take place before a first kiss (or exchange of last names) is unnecessary and repulsive. In this hyper-sexualized society, are women so sex-obsessed they can’t behave in a cordial manner during a conversation without obsessing over their precious love gates? Pick any female, offer to help carry her groceries, and in her mind you’re already dry-humping her leg. Even if that leg weighs 100 pounds all by itself. She has no business projecting that on to you.

Telling a man he’s “not getting laid tonight” is like telling her she’s not getting an engagement ring before the waiter drops a menu. Insane.

Whether it’s what you can’t do, where you can’t go, what you can’t think, how you can chew….
Everything – like telling you to sleep on the couch – fails the moment you decide it does.

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