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Sitting in a waiting room is “harassment”

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One might think telling women to “get back to the kitchen” is a “joke” or some kind of sexist remark. But is it really? Because this one is so fragile, she feels “harrassed” by a man sitting stationary in a waiting room. Imagine being THAT inferior and unable to cope.

What’s next? Will hailing a taxi make her suffer from “psychological abuse”?
Is it “molestation” when a fireman rescues a child from a burning orphanage?

Academic advisor Abbey Dawson from Human Resources dept. at Kennesaw State University (KSU) in Kennesaw, GA just rendered herself unemployable and unfit for any workplace: “Sitting here until somebody is available is harassing them”.

Don’t tell your physician.

At least she was placed on leave. On her way out the door, you might even be curious to see how “harrassed” she feels every time she passes a man on the street who is not nailed down, remaining stationary and is actually moving around in the world. What a tragedy that must be – to go through life believing non-moving people are harassing you through walls.

This is very likely why some websites feel a need to have “abuse” buttons. For people like this who simple can’t cope in the world. They read a sentence someone in another city typed on a webpage, and if they really don’t like it or disagree, they can machine-gun hammer the “abuse” button, because they genuinely feel “violated”. Perhaps they would be better off in the kitchen with the Betty Crocker EasyBake Oven™ – a very popular children’s toy in the 60’s and 70’s.

Response to this has just exploded. If this sort of thing has ever happened to you, be sure to film it and report her for “harassment” immediately. It’s what she would do. If remaining seated is harassment, then a nagging H.R. employee standing over you pointing and lecturing while you wait could easily get her charged for attempted manslaughter. Record every interaction with any female you’re alone in a room with. She could convince herself of anything.

Flagrant c~~~s are wildly entertaining.