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Terrence Popp | What is MGTOW

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There’s much hoopla going around these days on “What is MGTOW?”, as if nobody else is getting it. So Terrence Popp impartially translates it into Manglish for those who are are a little slow on the uptake.

When the mainstream media asks “Why are 70% of men under 34 refusing to sign marriage contracts?”, or where is the explosion of single mothers coming from?, you can see many TV shows, articles of speculation, endless streams of comments deliberating forever…. but it can all be answered with 5 letters:


No more argument. No need for speculation. No explaining required. Just drop “MGTOW” underneath the question and go about enjoying your day. Force the lazy to answer their own questions. But for those who can’t, Terence Popp is very happy to help.