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MGTOW The Awakening 2015

Video Info & Description

Created in full 2K HD, this high-impact VFX/SFX teaser began as a logo splash concept for an upcoming video, and we got carried away. What looks like it will be a Universal Pictures Logo Intro becomes an Earth-shattering VFX/SFX experiment with a MGTOW twist – complete with Hollywood-style end credits. The MGTOW Logo has been built into a 3D model, textured and rendered with particle animations. The Earth uses light , specular and bump mapping for realistic terrain, city lighting and atmospheric effects.

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AUG 16 12:00AM PST our major work on CHANNELS is now complete and single channels are now viewable again with greatly improved mechanics. The persistent "Men at work" notice has been removed for now but we still need to restore each channels main "poster image". While we are renovating, some pages and sections may still appear blank or sparse. Further work will resume tomorrow afternoon. Thank you. - MGTOW.COM