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The Benefit of Signing a Marriage Contract: Prison

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Barbarossa chimes in after 8 minutes, but not until first giving you a very real glimpse into the reality of the “benefits” of signing a marriage contract. And have no illusions, it won’t matter if you’re a practicing attorney, accountant or established professional. In fact, attorneys are convinced they are smarter than everyone else (every manipulator’s grand mistake), and as a result, they are far less likely to protect themselves because they don’t think it will ever happen to them.

The first type of deflection you can expect is one implying you have some kind of moral issue.
But it’s not moral issue. It’s a LEGAL issue.

So every argument that doesn’t address the legal issue fails:

“Not all women are like that”
“You’re so cynical.”
“You just need to find the right woman.”
“Quit being so negative.”
“Man up, you coward and get over it.”
“You’re just intimidated by a strong woman.”
“You’re looking for women in all the wrong places.”
“You’re just bitter.”

Every such attempted deflection hurled at men sounds exactly like that. As far as they are concerned, you’re “just whining and complaining”…. until they figure out you’re smarter than they think. If you don’t think the world thinks men are stupid, guess again. Google “men are stupid” and marvel at 132 million results. If that’s not enough for you, then type “men are” into a search box and see what comes up.

When you’re not stupid like everyone thinks, they get really, really p~~~ed off. You don’t even need to be a genius. You can just not be a complete moron, and it infuriates them beyond recognition. That’s where the “shaming tactics” come from. But that’s not your problem. And because it’s not your problem, nobody gets to make it your problem. Today, 70% of men under 35 have not signed a marriage contract, because they aren’t as stupid as society thinks.

You’re not in prison right now, so who’s problem is it?

It’s every aspiring bride’s problem. It’s the wedding industry’s problem, and it’s the divorce industry’s problem. They will all have a problem with you – because you’re not stupid. Somewhere out there, 70% of women under 35 won’t get their wedding, the ring, the cake, the dress, the emotional masturbation ritual in front of all 1500 facebook friends and family…. and they will never get to collect a monthly check for being a s~~~ty wife. Now you know what to tell her:

“Not all men are like that. Some are still stupid enough to marry you.”

Don’t worry about her reaction. She’s just bitter.