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The Disappearing Male

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A very inspiring and uplifting short film on the modern female enjoying her “empowerment” and “independence”! Crack open a cold one, turn the volume up, and enjoy the whining about “where all the good men have gone” in full multi-channel disco!

Encouraging independence in women is working just beautifully. Keep up the great work, gents. And don’t forget, just because she asks “where have all the good men gone?”… doesn’t mean she deserves one. It does nothing to prove she is a “good woman” either. So don’t be fooled by the question.


Poor Jezebels are running out of boyfriends to beat up for their own amusement.
Maybe they should start looking for some good CATS instead. We even provided the hook-up service as a courtesy.
Then they can line themselves up behind this one who lives with 17 of them.

Feminist tears make the best lube.