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The Female Chameleon

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On 2015.01.06, JohnTheOther examines the “The Female Chameleon” under a microscope, and provides a much needed analysis as she exposes her own shifty behavior…. weeks before she is aware of it herself.

The female obsession with MGTOW is nothing new, but lately, a few baby women have deliberately hurled epithets at MenGoingTheirOwnWay with intention to matter, and upon injuring themselves in the process, they suddenly began attaching themselves to MGTOW as if it were a wedding.

A few select male opinions on MGTOW are already insignificant, but the female opinion will always be – based on the source alone. We will create a future final resting place and trash bin for this type of t~~~, but not before we have pulled apart one example. Be careful gents. Women will flip on a dime to slither into your field of vision, and there are no limits to her methods of deception. Arm yourself, for this is no isolated example. As MGTOW escalates, so too will the number of women who prove wherever men go, women WILL follow.

Remember when girls had diaries and would freak out when a boy just touched the cover?
We’ve come a long way. Now she will shamelessly spray every thought in any direction.

Just before the new year, self-proclaimed feminist and Torontonian c~~~ Alexandra Blue blew herself up in a Kamakazi mission to shame 50% of the population in a youtube video entitled “Dear Men”. She misses her target, hits nothing, crashes and burns, The Manosphere & MGTOW take turns intellectually bending her over, and her mission to shame is a colossal failure.

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She changed her mind and rendered it pointless. Audio is therefore muted.

No feminine charm. No appeal. No warmth as the title “Dear Men” suggests.
It’s straight for the frigid bitch you finally meet 18 months in – and 5 seconds before carving the cancer out of your life.

Usually, men require exposure to at least one intimate relationship (or a wife) to find themselves subject to this level of heinous nagging and verbal torture… but the modern c~~~ with zero prospects now uploads her toxicity to youtube and projects her issues directly into the face of all men everywhere instead of subjecting just one poor sucker in her social circle. In doing so, she provides a crystal clear preview into anguish and mental gymnastics one can expect from associating with her.

She opens by suggesting men have a universal inability to imagine themselves in a woman’s shoes – for just one day. Except…. men invented (and stock her market shelves with) tampons, dishwashers, hair dryers and bras, and it is only by the male ability to imagine themselves in a woman’s shoes that she has a right to an opinion at all. This exclusively male talent is why so many men lie to women to appease them – to shelter them from the truth. Nobody hates directness and reality more than a female. Every dear man knows this.

What female will reward a man for the truth? Example: “Look, you’re a little fat, but I really need to nut, and I just want to bang you and have you disappear when I’m done. You’re otherwise f~~~ing annoying as hell. Spending additional minutes with you is a goddam nightmare. Stop talking. I can’t insert my penis into your hopes and dreams.”.

Men don’t tell women that because we are experts at putting ourselves in women’s shoes.

As reliable as a sunrise, the female is incapable of introspection and self-reflection. To make her behave properly she needs more training than a killer whale and more discipline than a sack of lard. You have to beat a sack of lard pretty heavily in order to get meringue. But no matter how heavily you beat lard, you will never get meringue. If no man is around to give her a condescending eyebrow raise or a disapproving inward breath, she won’t know when she’s f~~~ing up. She would walk herself and her children off a goddam cliff if there weren’t a sign on the railing of a cartoon man giving her the stupid eye.

Alexandra Blue uses the male response as a moral compass for she has none of her own.

The pummeling she receives from the Manosphere is most impressive. Admitting that she should have thought more carefully before running her mouth is totally out of the question and she makes no such gesture. She withdraws instantly, back-pedals, and within days, she is no longer a feminist but a “female rights advocate”.

Rather than taking the necessary time to rethink herself (like 20 years before she ever addresses men again), she shamelessly rails into MGTOW with a sequel – even more embarrassing than the first. And now, with no remorse or acceptance of personal responsibility for her f~~~ups, she smiles and explains it all away on her surroundings and environment – exactly like a chameleon would.

The soulless transformation is remarkable.

This, gentleman, is the female chameleon at her show-stopping best. Her surroundings influence her behavior and entire mentality. By her own admission, she would be a different person in France, the opposite in Beijing, think something different in Lisbon, and contradict herself in Sydney. She has no individual personhood or identity of her own. This is how an American girl can “creep shame” men who approach her in America, but on a 10 day vacation to Italy, she hears “Eh… seniorina, would you like to go with me for a … how you say… café?”, and it’s now the most romantic s~~~ she ever heard. The same bitch who cried “street harassment” in New York will be on her back with her legs in the air before exchanging first names in Rome.

Observe her first words out of her mouth: “To be honest….”. Those who feel a special need to announce that they are about to “be honest” before certain sentences are about to lie to you, or are telling you they are lying the rest of the time. She says it +3 times. One simply cannot take this person’s word at face value. While saying “to be honest” is only an indicator, the “i was just kinda kidding, guys” half-baked smile is the real give away. She will never be a c~~~ to herself.

But wait, it gets better. Now, she wants money to make a pro-MGTOW documentary.

Completely devoid of marketable skills, offering to provide valuable services or possessing any talent, she wants a hand out. Her misandry s~~~ didn’t require funding. She did that for fun, and for free. We are MGTOW-DOT-COM and we don’t ask for funding to make a MGTOW documentary. When Men want money, they go into the world and EARN it by providing valuable products and services in exchange for it. A woman becomes a parasite, expects it to magically fall from the sky when she should be kneeling with her mouth open like any other respectable whore. “Alexandra BLEW”.

Attention is a woman’s lifeblood. Good attention, bad attention, the worst kind of attention; it doesn’t matter. They stack up eyeb~~~~ like empty pie plates at a NOW convention. Not even guilt will stop her.

Clean your lenses, fellows and gents, and cover your 6.