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The Holy Hand Grenade of MGTOW

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Gentlemen. Start your engines.

Another German MGHOW “Thorium” pulls the pin with his teeth on this feature blowing up misonconceptions in the news, media and genera social attitudes. Utterly clueless and unable to reflect on themselves …. some women have such a problem getting a date (or a marriage proposal), they point webcams at themselves, make public pleas on youtube and sit around in groups speculating with each other rather than asking a group of men directly.

Many women actually discuss the most intimate details of their relationships and marriages with other people – on the internet and on broadcast television – before their own husbands. “My husband doesn’t know this but….”. What man would ever want that in his life? That’s unacceptable. Get OUT. Dump that bitch like an anchor. Preferably on February 13th – International BreakUp Day. Relationship problem solved. NEXT!

A few days ago, a female wrote to seeking relationship advice and asked “how to make her relationship better”. Here’s a tip sweetheart:


This simple thought never even crossed her mind. She would rather go ask a bunch of strange men on the internet instead of the man she is in a relationship with. Based on that alone, her relations~~~ is already doomed. Women’s-interest magazines also offer putrid relationship advice such as “10 ways to please your man”, or “6 ways to not suck in bed while laying there like a futon”, and who gives a damn about whether socks should be on or off? Jesus Christ. It’s pathetic. But you can always count on them to leave out the number one answer which can only be written by a Man:

This includes simple things like shutting your mouth for 5 minutes.

What could be easier!

Of course if you give to her directly, she will think you’re being cruel. And this is why we created The MGTOW Women’s Shelter because female anger is the weathervane of truth. The more truth you tell a man, the more grateful, delighted and enlightened he gets. The more truth you tell a woman, the more she will hate you. Just show her some cute little kittens and she’ll be fine.

So why do women not ask the source directly? They don’t ask men directly because they don’t want the male opinion. They can’t afford to listen to it. They only want their own opinions repeated back to them in a deeper voice. To a woman, that’s what “real man” is: a baritone to validate her own thoughts and opinions no matter how ridiculous. You wish you could tell them…

Ladies: Men have better and more important s~~~ to do than YOU. You are not as fabulous as you think. Your idea of a “relationship” is as appealing as a stretch marked hog fat ham slice swimming in white gravy. A boiling fumarole of noxious emissions. A stinking puddle of snatch-slop with the gloppy consistency of herring sauce. A marriage contract contains smells ranging from rotted onion to burnt crab odors which are so fetid, a man must force himself to stop thinking of them – lest he screams.

Say that on the news and there will be no more speculation. Then everyone can get back to THE NEWS instead of watching artificially made-up females who look like drag queens hamsterbating in public as they attempt to sort out their personal issues which they can’t figure out on their own. Take that gossip to Starbucks.

Can we get a man to deliver the news for a change?
That’s when journalism was “journalism”.

While one or two are able to begin connecting the dots and almost come close to saying it out loud on camera…. when an Asian 7 resorts to broadcasting on youtube because no man is showing interest and she is quote “single as s~~~TT”, you can’t help but press rewind and watch it again! It’s so entertaining to watch women talk about what they want while conveniently omitting what they are prepared to do for it. At least there’s a bright side: She could be an 8 if she really wanted to be.

Particularly awesome was Thorium’s unprompted inclusion of our very own The Awakening A/VFX Teaser [at 4:14] which should be enough to club anyone over the head with the baseball bat of reality. It isn’t enough to politely tap someone on the shoulder anymore, you have to hit them over the head with a sledgehammer. Just the soundtrack alone should penetrate some skulls.

Does this mean we are MGTOW famous?
What will we wear to the Oscars!

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