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The Magic of Male Scarcity

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TFM breaks down the implications, causes and effects of patriarchal and gynocentric social dynamics, and how they are directly influenced by male/female population ratios. One might think the recently visible feminist anti-male fantasies of reducing the male population is somehow problematic, but would more likely backfire and have the reverse effect of what is intended.

When “I don’t need no man” strong and independent you-go-girls convince themselves they run the world, sending this message out can eventually create an alternate reality where men begin to agree. Then “the man drought” leaves none for women who are looking to exercise their hypergamy. This is when the present shifts from “I don’t need no man” to “where are all the men?”, and finally, the future looks more like females have priced themselves out of the market entirely.

Stay tuned for interesting times ahead.

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