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The Male Worker Drone

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Australian MGHOW vlogger Spetsnaz discusses the importance of male self-worth and his connection to work. How the humanity of males is stripped away in the workplace, and how the social controls forced on men break them down into social commodities.

On this topic, Spetsnaz is right….. and the Dalai Lama is wrong:

Boy that sure sounds good, doesn’t it? Until you really think about it. A pretty easy thing to say from a life of privilege as you sit atop your monk-class way up on the Tibetan social pyramid.

This quote was passed about on Facebook and “liked” a zillion times by non-thinkers who thought they were “smart” by up-voting something perceived as meaningful and profound. Post a picture of men erecting a skyscraper and nobody will notice. Post a facebook photo saying something that makes men look stupid and senseless for working their asses off, and it goes viral. Ha ha, men are such fools, right ladies?

Was the Dalai Lama ever forced to pay child support for a kid that wasn’t even HIS? Did the Dalai Lama ever get slapped with a $35 Million alimony bill like Robin Williams – who suicided himself because he couldn’t live with the stress anymore? Then the Dalai Lama should probably shut the hell up about it. Men don’t work themselves into the grave because we WANT to. What IDIOT would ever agree to being jolted out of bed at 6:30 to s~~~, p~~~, shave and force-feed before fighting traffic to get someplace where he makes money for someone else…. while being expected to be grateful for the opportunity to do so?

Half kitch and half scorn, if the Dalai Lama knew anything about providing for children, family, and greedy bitch wives who can’t stop spending money they don’t have (which they didn’t even earn)….. then he can have an opinion on the struggles of men who are grateful for any free time, vacation or hobby they might be permitted to enjoy in between shifts. Until then, he can press play and wipe that silly grin off his face as he listens to a little MGTOW wisdom from Spetsnaz.

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