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The Other Side of Testosterone

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You hear alot of talk about the negative side of “testosterone” and how it’s some kind of problem. It makes men violent, aggressive and causes them to fight one another. It also gets the great wall of China built, and everything else in in the world. Better inject little boys with Ritalin to calm them down, right? You wouldn’t want them to get rowdy, or hurt each other. The public school system actually encourages this, knowing full well that men are the ones who have gone to the greatest heights, depths and lengths for the betterment of humanity. But there are those would want to subdue and make them more…… passive.

They consistently fail to talk about the other side of testosterone. No greatness has ever come about by being “passive”. So keep your goddam ritalin off the young men of tomorrow. They are the only hope you have.

“But what about our girls!!??” Great question. But if you have to drug a boy and bring a man down so that a girl/woman can be successful at doing what men have done better for millions of years, then you can stop considering yourself a worthwhile contribution to humanity.

Testosterone is more than OK. It’s one the most awesome and necessary forces on the planet. It’s what built your home.
It’s not a genetic flaw. YOU are – for thinking it is.