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The Quintessential Bitch Wife

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Further education for men on why man must never sign a marriage contract under any circumstances. According to Jessica who graciously took the time out of her busy day to teach men: “All us bitches are the same. We’re all the same.” a woman’s plan to divorce you begins well before the wedding, where she will “reel him in” and manipulate for years while totally misrepresenting herself. And, she will keep this act up – maintaining an entirely deceitful persona – for as long as it takes to get her greedy claws into your wallet and collect lifetime alimony.

Complete proud of her “accomplishment”, she knows she is evil and is not ashamed to openly admit it. Knowing how hateful she is down to her very core, she maintains this hateful “phase” arises after children arrive on the scene. She even attempts to JUSTIFY it as an acceptable course of action, rationalizing that a man can always rebuild his life if necessary… so she takes it upon herself to tear it down nicely first.