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The Wall

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Dedicated to MGHOW “Cap”. A forum contributor and friend among MGTOW. Thanks for the inspiration.

Some time ago, on the way to my car, the elevator door opened and a 5’10” model stepped in. She was not what one might call “pretty”, or “beautiful”…. but she had great bones, you know. Having dated a model or three, I know one when I see one. Rather severe looking, she wasn’t even what you would call “hot”… but the kind where the right lighting and makeup could make her look more feminine, although I doubt any concealer could cover up that manjaw.

Not a day under 27, the pout on her face was exactly what you would expect to see on the runway, or in Vogue. P~~~ed-off and stomping as if she was still mad at Daddy for not buying her a pony on her 16th birthday. . . with a grumpy attitude like she was called out of bed at 6AM to be professional coat hanger for less than $10,000 that day. That must really suck.

“Good morning”, I said. Like you would greet any neighbor you share an address with.

Gazing into her phone with all the social awkwardness you can expect from the modern female these days, there was oddly no reply. So I looked directly at her as if to say “you’re not going ignore me when I speak directly to you”. She must have sensed I thought she had a personality you could store meat in, because after 4 or 5 uncomfortable seconds, she looked up and mumbled “good morning” purely out of obligation and resent. Except, it was barely indistinguishable and sounded more like a mumbled version of “f~~~ you, I’m miserable” in Portuguese… with a twist of deaf-mute.

We’ve all heard that myth: “women are better at communicating”….
But let’s try and get them to say “good morning” in their native English, first.

( What’s she like when it’s time to pay her taxes? )

Now, I understand when you’re an indoctrinated modern female polluted by 5 decades of feminism, and you’re alone in an elevator with a man who’s taller than you would be in 3-inch heels…. you definitely shouldn’t speak to a “potential rapist” in terrific shoes who says “good morning” before he didn’t even try to finger-bang you. But this was just plain rude.

In that moment, I recalled a MGTOW quote Cap wrote online which stuck with me ever since. It was the perfect metaphor for how ruthless, unstoppable and unforgiving time is on attractive women – just like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator. The more “attractive” she believes herself to be, the more devastating her impact with The Wall™ when she finally slams into it face first at Mach 3.

This one will be nuclear, for she makes a living with her looks.

So rather than applying some snide “neg” to hint that she could benefit from a lesson in basic decency, I chose not to bother, because The Wall™ will do all of that work for me. Instead, I flashed a s~~~-eating grin knowing exactly what she was headed for, and took 2 steps toward the elevator door ensuring I would be the first one out. There will be no more “ladies first” nonsense in an era when “good morning” is interpreted as a request for anal.

Silver-screen film legend Lauren Bacall said it best:
“Every beautiful woman dies twice”.

Tick tock. Tick tock.

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