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Too Little. Too Late.

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Terrific to see Sandman really put his shoulders into this one.

There was something a little *off* when my own sister-in-law kept repeating “I like tradition”, and “we’re more traditional”….. which now is glaringly-obvious she-speak for: “I want to run around in the sunshine with a couple of toddlers and live off the grid while your brother shoulders the stress and burden, fighting traffic at 6:30 AM while facing the back of a cubicle for the next 45 years to get us out of a mountain of debt… as I sit back, press a button on an appliance and watch the Price is Right.” (Thank you Bill Burr)

What a difference a red pill makes. It really improves your hearing and spacial awareness.

Gentlemen, have no illusions. The sudden emerging of women on social media who claim to be “against feminism” are nothing more than a fist in a velvet glove – nudging you to return to the plantation so they can return to cooking a roast in order to live rent free on your labor and dime. Writing on a piece of paper, picking it up, snapping a selfie and pasting it on twitter is the laziest gesture masked as sincerity. Save yourselves the trouble ladies, and don’t break a nail. Feminism has already revealed to the world your true female nature, and men would do well to never forget this.

All war is deception.

Men create twitter. Women create hashtags.
And there is a reason they created #womenagainstfeminism and not #womenforthepatriarchy.
It does not translate to: “I am pro-male, in your corner and ready to help you.”.

But even if it did….
Too little. Too late.

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