Vasectomy Baby Trap 4

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Radio Personality Tom Leykis reads from a post on the internet about a man who got a $400 vasectomy which turned out to be well worth the investment. The woman he was dating for 4 months suddenly announced “I’m pregnant”, and he should now live up to “his responsibilities” – and suggests they get married “for the baby”.

Playing along just beautifully, he decided to give her one chance to withdraw her claim, and she maintained (as only a woman can) that he was now “trapped and you know it”…. until he presented her with notarized doc~~ents from his urologist and attorney stating the baby was simply NOT HIS and she was on her own.

Still refusing to accept defeat with all the moral self-righteousness only a woman can muster, she maintained the doc~~ents were fake…. as he marched off into his future with a great big smile on his face. This spectacular example is an absolute must for every MGTOW.

…. the moral being, if you get a vasectomy, never – EVER – tell a woman.
You can bust so many sluts that way.



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