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Vasectomy Baby Trap

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Radio Personality Tom Leykis reads from a post on the internet about a man who got a $400 vasectomy which turned out to be well worth the investment. The woman he was dating for 4 months suddenly announced “I’m pregnant”, and he should now live up to “his responsibilities” – and suggests they get married “for the baby”.

Playing along just beautifully, he decided to give her one chance to withdraw her claim, and she maintained (as only a woman can) that he was now “trapped and you know it”…. until he presented her with notarized documents from his urologist and attorney stating the baby was simply NOT HIS and she was on her own.

Still refusing to accept defeat with all the moral self-righteousness only a woman can muster, she maintained the documents were fake…. as he marched off into his future with a great big smile on his face. This spectacular example is an absolute must for every MGTOW.

…. the moral being: If you get a vasectomy, never – ever – tell a woman.
You can bust so many sluts that way.

“Her body, her choice”?
His wallet. His choice.