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Wendy Williams Teaches Women to Trap Men Into Fatherhood

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Are “Deadbeat Dads” a MYTH?
Ever wonder where the exploding population of single mothers comes from?

Let’s find out.

In a terrific display of psychopathy, daytime horror-show host (and drag-queen-RuPaul-look-alike) Wendy Williams teaches women to deceive their husbands and trap men into fatherhood for their own selfish ends. For no other reason than “I want another baby”, women everywhere cheer and applaud the idea of punching out another kid and trapping their own husbands – who they pretend to “love”.

Pay close attention Men. That’s the mother of all evil right there.
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Not only will this treacherous horde with baby-rabies expect to get away with this and think they are in the right for doing so… but after she lies and says “OOPS!”, she will actually have the nerve to expect you to be HAPPY about it. Yes, you should be HAPPY because while you were out working +60 hours this week, your wife was out scheming with a tranny.

When you’re “having a baby”… you’re not actually “having a baby”, you’re having an ADULT. It is irresponsible and childish to think otherwise. One would think someone with an audience (and a vehicle like her own talk-show) would use the opportunity to steer others in the right direction. But while Wendy tries to convince people she is somehow “against spousal lying”, she recommends women totally misrepresent themselves and commit the worst fraud imaginable in her own marriage… while generating support from “her people”.

It’s no longer a question of whether or not some women are like that.
You can now be sure they are ALL like that. Certainly in spirit.

So what idiot would ever listen to them yammer on about “the pains of child birth”? As long as women will use (and recommend) slippery methods to conceive so desperately…. who would care what she has to go through to carry or deliver? Give up your seat so she can sit down, ARE YOU KIDDING? Make her stand on her own, and force her to carry 18 years of payments too. No more automatic courtesies for pregnant women. If she has a problem with this, have her ask Wendy Williams to explain it to her. Maybe she can also get Wendy to write her a big fat child-support check.

“I want” is all any woman needs to convince herself she can just ruin lives, turn her man into a slave, deceive and inconvenience everyone around her – including her own children – just because it’s still legal to allow herself to get pregnant without a man’s consent.

Perhaps she should have tried to find a husband who WANTS to breed with her, but that would mean she would have to be kind and loving person for a change. What an inconvenience.

Naturally, she rationalizes that he previously “promised” that they would have another child. But there is a REASON he doesn’t want another child with her now. Does anyone ask? Does anyone care to know? Of course not. Because his 101 excellent reasons are totally irrelevant in the face of “I want”. And, you can bet your next house which you can buy in cash if you don’t get involved with bitches like these…. that he should break every promise and boot her out on her ass immediately. Get her out. Or get yourself out.

One could say Wendy Williams and her entire audience should be ashamed of themselves…
if anyone thought they had any capacity for it.

THE MESSAGE: “My body. My choice.”

THE REALITY: “HIS wallet. HIS choice.”

Single mothers are the number one cause of single mothers.

The male Pill is coming. And it’s going to change everything. Men can now decide to to NOT be a father, and it will permanently do away with women like this – forever. They brought this upon themselves.