When MGTOW Becomes Cool

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MGTOW is ready to rumble.

An excellent piece on teens, trends and subcultures as presented by MGHOW Marcus Brown.

That society currently frowns upon Men Going Their Own Way is irrelevant. With the other opposing forces doing all the work, each major event demonstrating anti-male bias, off-the-leash radical feminism and ridiculous “rape culture” propaganda, the MGTOW pulse strengthens, accelerates and grows organically with seemingly no effort.

Every girl who points a webcam at herself and lectures on YouTube that “there are no good men around”…. has just made sure more good men will have nothing to do with her. Every woman on Fox News demanding men pay to date her has just ensured millions of women on dating sites will be crying in their martinis on Feb. 14th – which they had to buy themselves. Because starting in 2015, Men have decided Feb. 14th is now International MGTOW Day.

Until recently, girls used to call boys “geek”, “loser” and “nerd” for playing video games and using a computer. Girls and women never set foot in a video arcade, and 25 years ago, a woman thumbing a handheld electronic device was unthinkable. You can find recent videos on YouTube of women smashing their boyfriend’s gaming consoles in fits of rage and frustration because they hate it so much. Now they want to play too?

Why would women want to play video games and own iPhones when they didn’t create them, and disliked the men who did?

That’s when losers and geeks become fashionable, trendy and cool… because feminism tells women they can’t be happy*™ unless they enjoy the same things men do. Have you ever seen a woman pretend to like business or sports? There isn’t a big screen on Earth that can drown out the mating hoots of a woman who convinced herself she likes football.

Convincing someone to like something more than they normally would is called “marketing”.
And feminism is a business.

Feminism is powered by women who eat and feed themselves and their dozens of worthless cats with money made by maintaining and promoting the infernal machine that is feminism. There are women out there who make their living convincing young women to play sports and like video games. The minute a girl throws the ball back and says “I hate basketball and want to be a housewife” – or she tweets #womenagainstfeminism – feminists lose their budget, and Anita Sarkeesian will be homeless with no other contributing skills or talent to speak of.

Emma Watson can pretend there is such a thing as “political and socio-economic gender equality” and laugh while saying it… but she will never date a broke man or toss aside her celebrity status in the name of equality…. and a man can never be the face of Lancôme cosmetics, either. So the sooner everyone realizes she is full of s~~~, the sooner Emma Watson can go back to being a bad actress.

“Equality” is a task that has an end. However, if feminism ever achieves this imaginary task, thousands of know-nothing, over-educated b~~~~es will be out of a job faster than their cats will resort to eating one another to stay alive in the real world. Feminism isn’t about achieving anything. It’s just about creating more feminist problems and staying in business.

But men are problem solvers, and MGTOW is a solution. 2014 was an explosive year, and with MGTOW having no binding obligations to girlfriends, wives or unnecessary debt, men of the Manosphere who have been shirked and shamed may become the next target audience under the microscope of corporate interest.

Happy New Year! Wishing you all good things for 2015 and beyond.

*I’m not happy™ is a registered trademark of women.


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