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Where All the Good Men Went

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It’s a message for women and doesn’t really belong here, but it’s an excellent answer to the broadcasted question men are fed up with hearing: “Where have all the good men gone?”. So, if they are too unaware to answer it themselves, then should a man do them the favor? Or should he let them keep asking it and coming up empty-handed.

The question itself implies all men are bad and “no good men” are visible anywhere, but even The OnionĀ® mocks it in a recent article entitled: “Why Are All The Good Guys Always Taken, Gay, Dead – Or Available?”. So it simply doesn’t matter if a “good man” is standing right in front of her. The toxic female won’t see him anyway.

The real question is, do the women asking really want an answer?
Does she even deserve ONE “good man” at all? Never mind her pick of all of them.

In a time where women divorce their husbands and dump boyfriends for being “too nice”, what man would even aspire to being a “good man” – with good qualities and values – based on what a woman thinks? A good man already knows greeting his wife of 16 years with a smile and chipper tone in the morning will only get him resented for it. At least she extends him the courtesy of not telling him directly and he won’t read about all of his shortcomings in Oprah magazine. He will eventually learn how much his wife hates him for that in divorce court.

There is simply no reason to let women think you’re a good man.
So perhaps “jerk” is the best compliment of them all.

The best answer is giving her the “good man” she deserves.